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Blade and Soul Quest Guides

Are you feeling lost in a quest in Blade and Soul and not sure on what to do? Well chances are that we have a quest guide just for that reason. We have every single quest guide from every quest in the game. More are being added as more content is being released.

Soul Shield Guides

Not only are Soul Shields are important aspect of Blade and Soul, it can be hard to find the right set. We have narrowed it down and listed out each Soul Shield part, stat by stat to make picking the right set easy.

Blade and Soul Weapon Evolution

Leveling up a weapon might seem easy at first, however later on the task becomes more of a grind. Don't let that stop you from getting the legendary weapon.

Blade and Soul Dungeons

Blade and Soul has some hard dungeons and many of which can be very confusing, We have guides to make your grind down of the selected dungeon a easy one.


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