Welcome to Pohwaran Blade and Soul

Hello everyone!
Team Lan Lan has noticed that due to our tight working scheduled that we have in the real world we are not able to update a few guides that we are working on at the moment, the Bopae, Jewelry guide and weapon guides. These are still going to be made, we are right now working on our bopae guide so you can pick the top notch bopae for your characters class and have the most of the game with out being under powered at level 50. Speaking of the bopae guide, Blade and Soul has lots of them and what we have decieded to do for the time being is to push the guide using a place holder image until we have the picture cut up to it’s pieces and imported into the guide. The first will be going up sometime this week and into next week. Also we have plans to start create content about WoW, for now, with pvp popularity in shadowlands, we can recomend to use wow pvp boost from Boosthive.

Also, here are our new article http://pohwaran.com/wow-tbc-leveling-guide/

Once the bopae guide is done we will be moving on to the next important guide, weapons the thing with the weapon guide is that we have will have to create it for all classes, this will be a huge task. Team Lan Lan is up to the task and we will actively update the guide when we get to a new zone and a new feeder/breakthrough weapon.

Stay tuned to Pohwaran.com as we bring you all the news that you need with the close beta just around the corner. We will be bring you unedited raw testing footage, so I guess this is the best time to accounce our Let’s Play Blade and Soul! Let’s Play Blade and Soul will take place on the Pohwaran Youtube channel, This will start on October 30th and go until… well until we run out of content.

That is all the information that I have for you right now, stay tuned to the site and keep your eyes open for news!

PS: We are now starting to cover game events….