We are Almost Ready to Officially Start Streaming out selected Games

Games that we will be streaming!

After testing a number of games, we have decided that we will be streaming Blade and Soul as a main game for the time being. We will be playing on the Russian server along with the Chinese server, we will be streaming from a number of servers on the Chinese version of the game. I will be giving more details as that comes along.

If you would like to join in with us on the game you can add us once the official post goes up, but if you really can’t wait then if you can find out the name of the character that we are using and add us I will be more the happy to add you. Please do keep in mind that if you do talk to me in game and I don’t reply it means that I might be in a fight and or just not that the computer, I do have a habit of leaving myself logged in for a long period of time without moving let alone saying anything.

Well that is it for now, I hope to see you on Blade and Soul, Let’s hope that they hurry up and get the North American version of the game set up quick! Until then, See you.

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Comments are still being worked on and the comment section shall be alive in the next few days.