Thousand Souls Daily

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Fear not the End

This is a daily quest and is started by talking to Dasoo at cremation hill. This quest may be completed once every 24 hours and will always get you the same reword, a chest and some tokens. Once you have accepted the daily, you will want to run to the big red mask that is moving around on your mini map, or to the west ( character facing the top of the map) and jump down the cliff, there you will see a boss, You may also refer to the square on the picture below:

This is know as a world boss and there will be one or more depending on the size of the world you are in, most higher level world bosses will require you to have a party, but some like this one you can solo.

Once you have finished fighting him he will drop a golden chest, loot this chest, it contains some tokens and the item you need to finish the daily quest. Once you have looted the chest, run back up the hill and speak with Dasoo again to finish the quest.

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