The Way of the Summoner Part 1

pohwaran guides

This quest is started by a letter that you receive once you become level 5 in the game. Press “ALT” to open the letter and to read it. It will tell you that you need to head to the abandoned well, walk down the cave until you see two pirate guarding a portal, kill the pirates or walk into the portal.

Once you have entered the portal walk to the end and you will be greeted by a masked Lyn, by the name of Masked Hongmoon. Run up to the Lyn and talk to the Lyn. For the Summoner class the first combo that you will need to do a total of 3 times is with your summon, you will need to use the Anklebiter “V” to knock down the Masked Hongmoon, then use the  Strick Combo “C” to finish the combo.

Once you have finished the combo you will be greeted with a cut sence revealing who the Hongmoon Assassin really is!

Once you are done with the cut scene walk up to Brother Hajoon and speak with him to finish the first part of the trails. You will then be able to exit the room using the portal that is located behind Hajoon.