The Suspicious Mayor Chapter 6

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Politics are always suspicions

After you finished chapter 5, you will be told to head down to the dried up well, and find the mayor of the village. Head down into the well and into the session change portal that is at the bottom, in the well there are 3 quests, One Side quest, the main quest and a Class quest, make sure to do them all if you can – Complete the main quest and the side quest before doing the class quest in the well.

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Once in the well you will find the mayor standing at the start, walk up to him and speak with him. He will tell you that there is a spy in the village and he wants to take down the pirates, he will then tell you to go on. ahead Now return to the outpost that you have came from and speak with Gong Samsik. He will be standing next to the teleport beacon at the outpost. He will tell you that he things that Soyu has something to do with the pirates….. Not a foreshadow in anyway…. Anyway finish talking to him and head inside the building to speak to Dodan that is standing to the right of the entrance in front of the table. He will tell you that you need to go to Cremation Hill. Once you finish speaking to Dodan, speak to Namsoyoo that is standing behind the table. She will apologies for what Donban as done and will tell you to head over to the Moonlight Cemetery, aka Cremation Hill. Finish speaking to her and get your prize.

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You are now ready to start the next chapter.

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