The Character of a beautiful Woman

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All characters have the right to a beautiful woman!

To start this side quest, you need to find Bamboo Village Resident Paodo, she is located across of where you get the faction quest and to the left of Bamboo Village Resident Wubaiku (Bamboo Village Resident Wubaiku Left or your right depending on how you are standing) Speak with her and she will tell you that she is after love and doesn’t want to lose to Soyu, she will also tell you that you need to head down to the beach and pick up some pearls for her, Once you finish talking to her, head down to the beach that you have been to many times before.

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Accept her quest offer and head to the beach to pick up the pearls, there is no fighting involved with this, so just run down and find the oysters that will contain the pearls. You only need to find 3 of them, there are lots laying around.

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Once you have all 3 pearls head back to Paodo and speak with her to complete this side quest.

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