The Basics of Combat

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Learn more about the flow of combat in Blade & Soul.

Blade & Soul utilizes an action combat system, allowing you to truly feel like a martial artist. Being aware of your surroundings, correctly positioning yourself, knowing when to defend, when to attack, and choosing the best response to your opponent are all key to being able to truly master your martial prowess.


In order for your attacks to have their intended impact, you generally need to be facing your opponent. Some skills have a ranged impact, where everyone who’s standing in front of you will be damaged as long as they’re within range. These can generally be used at any time, and anyone who gets in your way will be hit. The Destroyer’s Axe Sweep ability knocks down everyone in front of him:

Some abilities require a target to use, and usually the opponent that’s directly in front of you and within range of your abilities will be targeted. You’ll know when you’re targeting someone when the cross hair cursor snaps to them, and their information appears on the top of the screen.

Action & Reaction

The combat in Blade & Soul is dependent on your actions and reaction, and many of your martial abilities are triggered upon certain events. Your action bar at the bottom of the screen shows the skills you have available in general situations; however, these skill bars will shift to display abilities that are available to take advantage of a given situation.

For example, if you’re knocked down as a Destroyer, your skill options will change to a give you a number of different abilities that allow you to jump back up into the battle. But be quick, or you could lose your chance to respond.

Much like you are able to block and counter an opponent’s attacks, the other martial artists within the game are able to do the same to you. You can counter their block, and they can counter your counter, and so on!

It’s a combat system that will keep you on your toes and have you be ready to react when an opportunity arises. We’ll share more on how combat for each class works as we get closer to launch, but we’ll also be showing you some of these combat basics in our livestream on September 9 at 10am PDT.

Final Thoughts

Fighting in Blade and Soul is nothing like fighting in TERA, TERA as far as I am aware uses a TAB fighting system as where Blade and Soul uses a FOV attacking system. Readers keep in mind that skills that get you back into combat after you have been knocked down are depended on your class that you choose, they all have a pro and con when it comes to the skill, learn to use them wisely and remember to be quick, the second that you are knocked down you have to start hitting the button that you want to use in respect to the skill on the selected skill. I can tell you from personal experience that if you do not act fast enough you will be locked down and very open to hits from your attacker, sometimes in PVP and even PVE this is a life or death situation.

With combat comes a skill tree, In blade and Soul your skill tree is dependent on the skills that you choose to learn, you can always unlearn and learn a new skill in a few clicks, but you have to have the level points in order to do so. One common misunderstanding of this is level 50, for new players hitting level 50 is the end, and you are stuck with everything you have and your set points, after level 50 you have the hongmen levels, you can get a possible of 10, which if you are counting as levels would take you to 60, however your base level will be 50.

Remember to be fast and think on the spot, Blade and Soul is a very fast paced game and isn’t to be taken lightly in any regard.