Blade and Soul NA/EU: Silverfrost Mountain Preview


Please note: Names of locations listed below might not be correct for the NA/EU release, all pictures and names are taken from Blade and Soul China.

Silverforst mountains are just around the corner for the North American and European servers of Blade and Soul! The point of this post is to show case the Silverfrost mountains expansion, without giving out spoilers!


Welcome to your new home, the capital of the Silverfrost Mountains! When you reach level 50 Zaiwei will be your new home from here you have access all the Silverfrost mountain dungeons from a convenient area called the Cardinal Gates. Zaiwei is a vast city with a very streamlined windstriding system, since most of the story quest takes place within the city you can use the dragon pluses around the city to get to your next quest zone. Zaiwei is a very beautiful city it’s sure to take your breath away!

The Cardinal Gates

The House of Pleasures

The house of pleasures is where the Bank for the city is located, it’s also located right next to the Cardinal Gates

The Autumn Breeze Park

A nice place to take in the beauty of the city.

Sweetblossom Pavilion

Skypetal Plains

The Skypetal Plains is a large open-world zone that has serveral towns and is also home to a world boss; Skypetal Plains Sacred Beast Shock Hog (According to the Chinese Game) The Skypetal Plains are also home to a 24 man party area. This area is also home to your new faction dailies that you will be doing. There is also a new type of daily quest that happens at set times through out the day, this daily takes place at the Grand Harvest Square, you will need to defend the city from invaders. Over all it’s a very nice area, just be careful about the Faction bosses!

The Skypetal Plains faction daily quests are nothing like the Misty Woods faction dailies that you are required to do at level 45 for soul stones. Skypetal Plains faction daily is on a rotation with timers and also counts the wins/losses/ The roation starts with two faction bosses in the center, one for the Cerulean Order and the other for the Crimson Legion. The rotation that follows comes down to what sides boss gets defeated. Once a boss has been defeated you and your factions next step will be to defend one or both of the drilling sites from the invading mobs, similar to the Grand Harvest Defense daily. It is up to you to defend the drill team, don’t let the drill leader die or it’s game over. After you and your faction have successfully defended the faction boss will reappear. After three rotations of defeating the faction boss, defending the drill team and defeating the faction boss, another faction boss will spawn that you may kill for an achievement. The roations take about 30 minutes from start to finish, but this time can very depending on the faction members attacking. We will have a more in depth post about the faction daily coming up soon.

Before we forget to say!

Moonstones are your new Soul Stones!

Rural Outfitters

Plog Sanctum 

Beast Bog

Soulstone Plains

(Image used from Blade and Soul Dojo)

Primeval Forest

The foothills to the mountains. With a indepth story this part is sure to get your ready for the vast mountains ranges of the Silverfrost mountains. This section of the game does contain fun quests.

Snowforest Monastery

Stratus Haven

Evergreen Village

The village and be seen in the distance.

Wild Springs

Ogong greets you once again!

Silverfrost Mountains

Now for the part that everyone has been looking forward too, the silverfrost mountains themselves. As much as we here at Team Lan Lan don’t like snow… we have came to the consensus that it’s still the best part of the of the expansion. Just remember to dress for the weather!

Herbalist Lodge

Shiverstone Range

Shiverstone Range Crossing


Our final picture… It doesn’t have a name so we are going to call it… Mt.Pohwaran

Silverfrost Mountains is one of the biggest expansions that Blade and Soul will get, at least for now. The pictures look only so good on the internet, the best experience comes from when you see the vast peaks of the Silverfrost mountains yourself. Good luck to you in your quest for level 50 as it won’t be a easy one. Team Lan Lan are looking forward to moving on with the story and to bring you many more guides and posts about Blade and Soul. In the mean time we have already finished out 5th region post and we will publish that once it has been announced for Blade and Soul NA/EU!