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Remember Herbs are the best form of aid!

This side quest is started by talking to Munwi that is at the Corp outpost, he will tell you that you need to get him 5 Bulbari herbs from the Bulbari Foragers that are wondering around and that you need to get 5 herbal neutralizers from the fleet sentinels that are walking around.

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Above is what a Bulbari Forager looks like, you will need to kill 5 of them possibly more depending on the drop rate, I know that they don’t drop all the time. you will know that you have the herb when you see a blue flower drop from the Bulbari Forager. Once you have killed all 5 of them you will need to kill 5 Sentinels, they are located to the east of the Palu-Palus they can’t be mistaken, they look like humans.

The Sentinels would look something like this.

Screen Shot_150426_007

Once you have killed all 5 Bulbari Foragers and all 5 sentinels, you will have to run up to a cart and a pile of wood as seen in the picture below and pick up a pot, it doesn’t matter what pot you pick up as long as you pick up one pot.

Screen Shot_150426_009

Once you have selected your pot, take it to Munwi and speak with him, remember while you have the pot in your hands you will not be able to attack anything, so try not to enter any kind of combat while that is happening. Once you have finished, he will thank you and tell you to speak with Gwak Chil, he is located under the tent next to the fire, or to the right of where Jo Janghak is standing, speak with him and he will give you your quest reword.

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