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Punishment may be the only way out.

This quest is started by talking to Peng Shao at cremation hill, he is located next to the bank lyn. He will tell you that you need to investigate some lies that he was hearing.  You will then need to speak with Tu Zi Jun, he is located at the top of cremation hill, standing next to the weapon dealer, speak with him and he will tell you about a neckless that you need to get. [Depending if you have done the daily quest he gives you before this quest, then you will not be greeted with another quest from him in reguards to the daily that he offers, if you haven’t then he will give you a daily quest that can be run one every 24 hours] Once you have finished talking with him, you will be required to kill some zombies. The zombies are located to the east of where you were just standing. They will be located in the square in the picture below.

Once out there, you can start killing the zombies, the one seen in the picture below:

You may have noticed that you are not getting a drop with a neckless, this is because they will not drop the neckless, it’s the zombie that spwans after you kill one or possibly more of the zombies. You will be able to know that you have the right zombie when it looks something like this:

Killing the zombie will drop a loot bag, containing the neckless that you need to get.

Once you have looted the neckless you will want to run north to the outpost camp. Once at the camp you will notice a large fire pit in the middle with the NPC that you need to speak with; Zhu Lincun standing to the right of the shop, you will also know this is him when he will have a blue star over his head. speak to him, he will say that he will avenge his fallen friend and that he may rest in peace. Finish talking to him to complete the quest!

pohwaran guides

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