Pohwaran Website Update – Black Desert

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Greetings everyone, with time off from the site due to work, I have managed to get us into the Black Desert Game world, we will be covering the game also, once we finish with blade and soul, so I suggest that you stick around and keep your eyes peeled for how to register! The site will be undated with the Blade Desert information and a new layout to celebrate the coming of a new game to Pohwaran.com.

The way that we plan on getting the game content out to people is as follows, we will play the game to a point to figure out how the game is like and also share some first impressions of the game, then we will slowly make the account creation and how to bypass the ipblock that it has, yea we have a way, but it’s not the best at this moment in time, so you will have to bare with it, if you have a better way and would like to share it, please leave a comment and we will see what we can do.

For this moment in time, we will be teasing you with pictures, so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled, because you will never know when we release the guide that will get you into Blade Desert.

Have a picture of all the classes so far.

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