Pohwaran.com Website Update!

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Before you read, I want to say I suck and making pictures so please don’t mined them, not that there are any in this post…

Hello Everyone, the site is currently under a revamp with the amount of headers that we had, with the resent announcement of Blade and Soul NA/EU this has overwhelmed the top of the website, so what we have done to streamline the website for the time being until we are able to get the theme updated to a much more friendly one, is that we have put all Blade and Soul game under the Blade and Soul tab at the top of the website, Black Desert will be going under the Blade desert tab at the top once we get it started, remember that if you want to watch out for new updates for the website and new items that get added, pay attention to the front page to see posts about when we update the website with new features and items that will enhance you gaming experience in all the games that we cover, we would just like to remind you that everything on this site in terms of English patches and guides have been Endorsed by Pohwaran himself and or are currently being used/tested by pohwaran and Team Lan Lan.

Where Things Stand

So where do things stand at this point in time, Let me tell you.

We have all the blade and Soul Games covered*
*We will have NA and EU covered once we get into the closed Beta
All Blade and Soul Games have gotten the account registration guides, Japan is in the final stages before being pushed out to the public.
With the summer coming just around the corner, or winter for those of you that live in the southern hemisphere, I have lots of time on my hands in between flights so I will be pushing guides and videos along with game updates out left and right.
Team Lan Lan Recruitment – We will be opening recruitment shortly, keep your eyes open for the post containing information if you would like to work with us.
Black Desert Will be covered, from the in dept character creation to the vast quest line, that I still haven’t finished…
Blade and Soul quests will be streamlined, meaning we will only be covering one of the 4 games, At the moment we will be covering Blade and Soul Taiwan, once blade and Soul NA is released we will be updating guides with correct in game quest names and item names, etc.
Quest Video guides are also slowly coming into production, we are at the moment having problems with recording the game, however we have found a way around it so expect video guides.
Website updates are being pushed out a bit slowly.

What To Expect

So what are you doing to be expecting from us, well you will be expecting. Team Lan Lan will be working around the clock to bring you all the best content from all the games that we cover. We will be once the account creation guides are finished be pushing out updates about in game events, all blade and Soul games have different events. We will be adding more games to the games that we will be covering overtime, at the moment we are going to be sticking with Blade and Soul and Black Desert, We have plans to possibly add in CCP. hf’s Eve Online in the near future. We will also be pushing update monthly updates starting in June, of what to expect in the month that is upon us. So that covers this for right now. We will get back to you once we have some new information for you to read.