Pohwaran.com November Update

Its that time again. We have been hard at work with lots of things. We have a new website in the works. It will be a while until we ship it to a beta domain. None the less we are now moving on to greener pastures.

What the future holds.
We have done lots of thinking and we are going to start opening up to other games, quest guides, guides and other game related news.

Possible games that we will cover but are not limited to:
New releases
Fallout games
Blade and soul
Eve online
Black desert
And many more games.
We will also be making videos of the games as we play them for your entertainment and information. The videos will be on youtube under our youtube channel.

So when will we see this?
The game changes that we have talked about will start on the 1st of December. If you have a request for us to cover a game we will take it into consideration  and depending on the priority of the games we will cover it sooner or later.

For right now that is all for us. We will be updating the post as we plan out more information. Stay tuned for more updates.!