Pohwaran.com June Update

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Greetings everyone, Pohwaran.com has went under a change, this change my not be one that is noticeable but in fact is one that is under the hood, one change that you may have noticed are ads that play on the bottom of the page, for the next 2 months leading up to September we will be running a testing phase, to see if the ads are to do anything and to see if anyone likes them, I know people don’t like ads, but it helps to pay for the servers and hosting.

Pohwaran.com has also updated the Blade and Soul Japan account creation guide, and it’s now 100% complete, now over the next 2 months leading up to the fall release of blade and soul NA/EU, we will be running through the game completing quest guides and guides on how to upgrade that hongmen weapon that you start off with. The way the next 2 months will be played out will look something like this:

1:Finish Quest Guides
2:Finish Trouble Shooting Guides (this should have been done a while back)
3:Release Black Deseret Account Creation and Log in Guide
4:A slow Website Redesign
5:Start Covering Blade and Soul NA/EU
6:Introduction coverage of Blade and Soul Events (JP,NA,EU,CN,KR,TW)
7:Possible (Highly unlikely at the time being) Community Forum

Please note that we will not cover the Russian server at this point in time as we only cover the official game servers, there may be a time later on when we cover the server, but at this present time we are not planning on getting that done.

Without saying much more and planning more then we can handle, I will leave you with this. I hope to see you around.