Pohwaran.com December Update!

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Hello everyone!

A small update from Team Lan Lan regarding the current state of Pohwaran.com. We have not been updating the website for the past few weeks due to the fact that we are hard at work on quest guides for Blade and Soul! All quest guides will be the same regardless of the Blade and Soul version that you playing on (JP,KR,TW,CH,NA/EU). Class specific quests will be also made once the main quests along with the side quests have be finished.

The way the quests will work on Pohwaran.com is the following- For the time being we have created the guides with the names from the Taiwanese version of the game, translated into English so some of the character names may seem wacky, Once we can get back into the Blade and Soul Alpha tests we will be updating the names to the English counterpart, with the Japanese, Korean and Chinese names in brackets beside it. This is a big task and it will take us months to do. But we are up to it!

In the mean time we will be bringing you all the most up to date news about what is going on in Blade and Soul’s many servers, from Events to giveaways. We will be making special pages or maybe info graphics for the events. This is still a topic that is on the Team Lan Lan agenda, we will most likely start to experiment when it comes to how we will ship the events in English for you.

That is all the update that we have for the time being.
on behalf of Pohwaran.com and Team Lan Lan we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!