Plague Hollow



General Information

Dungeon Name:

  • Plague Hollow

Level: 14


  • Standard 6-player
  • Standard 4-Player
  • Solo

24-Player Dungeon:

  • Not Allowed

Location: Viridian Coast – Jadestone Village

Prerequisite Quests:

  • To be added

Primary Rewards

  • Locked Plague Weapon Chest
  • Locked Viridian Weapon Chest
  • Sealed Plague Necklace
  • Sealed Viridian Earring
  • Sealed Viridian Necklace
  • Sealed Viridian Ring
  • Viridian Valor Stone

Video Run:



Dungeon Entrance

To start this dungeon you must first be in Jadestone village. Once in the village head North until you see a like with a waterfall, you will then see a cave with a portal at the end of cave. Run and enter the portal to start the dungeon. Once you are inside there is only one possible route to follow, just follow the cave until you rach the final room with the final boss.


  • Young Venomous Plague Mite
  • Venomous Plague Mite

Along the way to the boss you will come into combat with many enemy that can be easily killed with the flamethrowers that are located throughout the dungeon for you to use. If you are a higher level then it’s also possible for you to one hit kill all the mobs after piling them at the end.

Final Boss

The final boss of the dungeon, you have to kill this boss in order to finish the dungeon.

Boss information:

Name: Giant Plague Mite
Hit points: 25,300

Once you have killed the boss he will drop a loot chest and you can pick up in, this chest doesn’t contain anything of value, just a dumpling and a health potion for the most part. The chest that you want to get is in the form of a letter on the right side of your screen under your active quests, under the quest with the name “Mighty Mitey”

After you have gotten your chest you are now able to leave the dungeon.