Path Of The Assassin Part 2

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This is the second quest that you get involving the character class that you have, to start this quest you must have finished the class quest before it, if you haven’t you can find it on the quest list. Once you have finished the first class quest, you can start this quest in one of two ways, both ways will start the same quest.

This guide will be updated with every class as we slowly get up to it with the other characters.

Way #1

You will notice a scroll at the bottom right side of the screen on top of all your current or up coming quests. Clicking this will open a scroll.

Click next until you get to the end of the scroll, like you would when accepting a quest from a NPC. This will activate the class quest for you.

Way #2

The second why to start this quest is by heading over to the camp outpost (providing you have your quests all finished before you reach this location) You can speak with Chen Huali at the outpost about the quest, she tells you about the lyn that you ran to in the other cave and that he was in a hurry to go, you should head out a meet him. Accept the quest like you would any other quest.


Once you have accpeted the quest with one of the methods above you will be told you head to the cave that is marked. Depending on if you are running this class quest with another quest that requires you to enter the cave or not, you may/will have to clear the cave as it’s full of Black Dragon Forest Guards.

Once you are at the last room, it’s up to you if you want to clear out the boss that is at the end, if you go attack and finish fighting, if not head to the back of the room and you will see a portal, head into the portal and head to the end of the room, there you will find your lyn standing next to a large tomb stone.


The first call of the class is asking you to preform the following 3 times

Attack the bloodthirsty zombie using the following combo

start off by throwing a star (X), followed by a block (number 2) then finish the combo with a heart stab attack (Right mouse button)

For the next combo you will be attacking using the following combo:

You will start off by placing a mine (Z) then once the npc is in the range of the mine detonate the mine by pressing Z again, then once the NPC is knocked out press the F key to stomp on the NPC to complete the combo. The combo my be a little tricky as you have to time it right with the lyn in order to knock down the npc. Wait for the lyn to attack before detonating the mine.

Once you have finished this combo you will be done with the class quest for this section of the story quest line!






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