October 5-26 Event: Not So-Fond Memories


This is a limited time event that takes place between October 5th to 26th, 2016. This event can only be run once per day with no reset. This guide will have one video guide.


Level 16 character or higher
Read the “Not-So-Fond Memories” letter from Pohwaran (yes we still refuse to write Poharan)

Video Guides:

Level 50+3 Summoner
Video Coming soon.


Written Guide:

When logging into the game once it has been updated, you will notice a new daily quest by the name of “Not-So-Fond Memories” click the letter can read it.
The Pohwaran will tell you that a tower was built in Jadestone village and that it has some creepy-crawlies in it. Once you reach the end of the letter you will see your reward, two Memory Coins, these coins can be used to get costumes from the Dragon Express in your inventory.

Once you have read the letter you have two choices

Choice 1: Press F8 and join the event via cross server
Choice 2: Windstride to JadeStone Village and locate the event portal.

Floor 1

Upon entering the Tower you will come face to face with the Infernal Lord. On both the North and South sides of the room you will find frost Shotguns. You have to pick them up in order to defeat the Infernal Lord, once your team is set up with frost shotguns, it is time to get frosty!

While fighting the Infernal Lord you will notice that he will create Fire Flowers in order to heal himself, the team is required to walk onto the Fire Flowers in order to stop him from regenerating health, The team may be required to complete this cycle of attacking and removing the Fire Flowers a few times before moving onto the next floor.

Floor 2

Once you have defeated the Infernal Lord, run through the door that has opened and up the sitars to the next floor where you will be greeted with Munitions Officer Blood Mane or Munitions Officer Winter Mane, Just like the last floor you will have guns on the North and South side of the room, also like the last floor you are required to use the guns to defeat the Munitions Officer Blood Mane / Munitions Officer Winter Mane.

Unlike the Infernal Lord, Winter and Blood Mane do not heal themselves. In order to defeat them you will need to allow for the blue laser beam to hit them while knocking them up to avoid the red laser beam, should the red beam hit them, them will do a powerful AOE attack. Should the red beam hit them, cancel the AOE by knocking them into the air with the grande launcher that is on your gun in the #1 slot. You will need to repeat this until they have been defeated.

Floor 3

After you have defeated Winter/Blood Mane, just like before run through the newly opened door and up the stairs to the final floor. On the final floor you will be greeted by the Profane Jiangashi. You will also be greeted by Pohwaran.

For this fight you require a basic amount of elemental knowledge, in other words; frost vs. flame and flame vs. frost. Just like on the last two floors you will have weapons on both the North and South sides of the room. The weapons to the left of the door that you enter are frost weapons, the weapons on the right are flame weapons. The best way and quickest way to beat this boss is to equip the party with 3 frost weapons and 3 flame weapons.

Once the battle has started, you will get the notification saying that Pohwaran as joined the battle, Pohwaran will be your main DPS for this fight, don’t worry about keeping her alive as she is immortal… regardless of that, you do still need to help her out, the Profane Jiangashi, will bind her making her unable to attack. She gets bound in two ways, one in flame, the other in frost. To make it simpler. If she is on the ground with a red effect, use the frost shotguns on her, if she is on the ground with a blue effect, use the flame shot guns on her, keep shooting her with the counter until she gets back up. Once she gets back up she will do a powerful attack on the Profane Jiangashi , during the fight the boss will spawn in adds that you do need to kill, the faster you kill the adds the lower the health regeneration will be, just like when Pohwaran is bound, the adds will be in two different colors, blue and red, you guessed it, if the add is red you use the frost shotgun on it to defeat it, if the add is blue you use the flame gun on it until it’s defeated. You will need to repeat this until the Jiangashi has been defeated.

Finishing the Tower

Once the Profane Jiangashi has been defeated, run up and talk to Pohwaran to receive your quest reward of two memory coins that can be traded in for costumes in the Dragon Express located in the player inventory. Also before leaving don’t forget to read the letter as it give the player a loot box. You are now free to leave the tower to be able to re run the tower the next day.