New Website – New Twitter and Facebook

New Website – New Twitter and Facebook

Pohwaran now has a Facebook and twitter page that you guys can head over and follow.

n case the link above doesn’t work, you can click this link:

n case the link above doesn’t work, you can click this link:

As for the website, well what can I say you are on my website.

The Plan?

So what is the plan for everything on this website? Well from what I can tell you this is a website that I built for the livestream that I’m going to be running on Twitch, where we stream games and also talk about things with devs and so on. I plan on getting the stream and things set up as soon as possible, I still have a little bit of work before this website is at 100%, however if you would like to get into contact you can always get into contact with us with the Contact us page on the bottom of the website.

The plan is not a plan that will take a few days to put into action, due to my crazy life at the moment i’m doing what I can when it comes to get the streams set up, I’m not at home so I don’t have access to my main stream computers to be able to set up the games, however I do know what games I will be be streaming and playing on twitch.

The games does as follow:

EVE Online
League Of Legends
Dust 514
Blade and Soul – China-Korea-Russia
and many many more to come.

If you have a game that you think that I should try out let me know and I will see what I can do. Are you a game creator and want me to show case your game before It comes out or just want me to try and cover the game that you created, you can let me know and I will see what I can d to show case the game that you created. I love to play games and I love to help people that want me to help them, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.


So you must be wondering on how I will be getting updates to people, well that is simple, it was explained in the first part of this post, you will be getting information from my twitter and Facebook Pages along with my website. Please due note that my website will be the last thing that is updated before the stream heads live, the way it will work is as follow-> Update Twitter -> Update Facebook ->Start pre stream -> Update site (if important)

So I would have to say that, that is everything for right now and we will have to see what will be around the corner, after all I did say that I have a crazy life and won’t be able to stream for a little bit. But rest asured that everything is rolling to bring you guys the best content that is possible. More information will be relased as I work on my Youtube Channel and upload my past board casts depending on how long they are, let’s just hope that twitch can auto upload them without me having to say them, or I will have to resort to buying a special hardrive for it.