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Fear not of Battle, Pohwaran watch over us all

To start the quest, you will need to speak to Bamboo Village Resident Chulwan, who is located in front of the session change portal that leads to Dragon Forest, speak with her and she will tell you that a member is looking to join the corps and is wondering if you can go and speak with Mokdun for her. Say that you will and accept her quest offer.

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Once you finish talking to her, head out to the dragon forest outpost that the corp members have and speak to Mokdun. He is standing next to the fire beside a shorter female corp member. He will tell you that he is in need to pirate plans from the dried up well, Head down the dried up well and go to the end of the well, killing all the pirates in your way. At the end you will see a bigger then normal pirate, this is your boss for the quest, you will need to kill him in order to get what you are looking for, for the quest.

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Once you have killed him and looted the chest that he dropped, head back to the corp outpost and speak with Mokdun about the reward for the quest. He will be located the same place where you have found time the first time. Give him the pirate operation plans that you have looted from the pirate. Finish speaking to him in order to get your reward for the side quest.

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After you have complete the quest you are now done the side quest.

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