In Memoriam: September 11th 2001 and the legacy of Sean Smith – Vile Rat

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I will be keeping the posts short and to the point, as I (Pohwaran) am writing this, I’m trying to hold back tears and emotions… Or sincere condolences to everyone affected! #NeverForget

The month of September might not the brightest for many off us. For those of you that do not know, on September 11th/2001 (9/11) four planes were hijacked, two of which were flown into the World Trade Centers in downtown Manhattan. One plane was then flown into the Pentagon. The forth and final plane was crashed into a farms field in Stonycreek, Pennsylvania. Thousands of lives were lost that day. On the behalf of everyone at we would like to extend out sincere condolences to everyone that was affected.

3 years ago, a man that the world knew a Sean Smith was killed when the US consulate in Benghazi can under attack. Sean Smith wasn’t just a US diplomat, he was a true mentor, he touched the lives of not just one person but millions all through his actions in the sandbox game of Eve Online. To the world he was Sean Smith, to me and the rest of the EO community his name was Vile Rat. Vile Rat is still a member of GoonWaffe in the Goonswarm Federation alliance. Without his hard work and dedication, I would most likely not be where I am right now. Without him the coalition now named The Imperium would have never existed and we would not have been blessed with all the 50,000 members that are currently active each is very unique. Rest in peace my dear friend and teacher.

I will stop writing here as emotions are starting to take over. Once again on behalf of everyone at, we would like to extend out deepest sincere condolences to everyone. Remember to #NeverForget!