Hongmoon Weapon Level 1 – 10


The Hongmoon weapon is the starting weapon that you will get once you have entered bamboo village in Blade and Soul. You will be leveling this weapon until it turns into a legendary (currently no word on legendary weapons on the NA/EU server)

Level 1 – 5

Leveling the Hongmoon weapon is one of the easiest to level, due to the weapons that the mobs drop.

We have found two ways to level this weapon very fast to level 5, this method also works to get the weapon to level 10 without really leaving the Foshi Pyers. Just keep in mind that one method requires keys while the other doesn’t.

We recommend going to method two when it comes to leveling the weapon due to the fact that method two will also give you your breakthrough weapon that you will need to get your hongmoon weapon to level 6. We have the order of the methods reversed due to that we recommend method 2 over method 1.

Method 2 – Requires Keys – Breakthrough Weapon

This weapon method might be a tad harder then the one below, however this method will also get you your weapon that you need for breakthrough once your weapon reaches level 5. This method requires you to farm the world boss Jiangshi for this tokens. Once you have 5 or more tokens you can run up to the Foshi Pyers and use them on the large wheels that are there. Your goal is to get the locked Stalker Weapon chest. Once you have gotten a few of them and or ran out of tokens, open the locked Stalker Chest and hope for one of two things

  1. Hope that you get your classes weapon. (Sin – Dagger. Summoner – Staff, Blade Dancer – Lyn Blade. Blade Master – Sword. Kung Fu – Guantlet, Forcemaster – Bangle. Chi Master – To be added. Warlock – Razor)
  2. Hope that you don’t get the weapon that you want. This way you can feed the weapons that you don’t want into your hongmoon weapon for large amounts of weapon EXP.

This method will get you to level 10 hongmoon weapon and you won’t have to worry about leveling your weapon until you get to the Blackram Narrows later on in your adventure.

Loot item to hope for:

Locked Stalker Weapon Chest

Like stated above you will need to hope that you get your classes weapon while hoping that you don’t in order to level your weapon. Should you run out of keys at this point and not have the weapon that you need for breakthrough, don’t worry and continue on the quest line, you will get lots of keys that you can use to open the chests again, just make sure you come back to the Foshi Pyers to get the weapon, or you will be in for a face palm when you get to the Blackram Narrows and feed the weapon rather then using it for evolution.


Method 1 – No Keys

This method really has two ways when it comes to leveling the weapon, The first way is just simply doing your quests and picking up all the green weapons that you can and feed them to your weapon.

The second way requires no keys to level the weapon just like the way above, however it does require farming a dungeon for a little bit. Providing you have the quest to reach the Bandit Hideout in the Everdusk Forest, then you can grind your weapon away. Walk into the dungeon and run into the first chamber and grind the mob with the name of :Dusk Adder Captain Donbu, Every time you kill him, loot his weapon that he drops and feed it into your hongmoon weapon. Just keep in mind that every time to kill him you will need to run out of the dungeon in order to reset the dungeon for the weapon. The reason that we recommend this dungeon is that the Dusk Adder Capitan at the start drops his weapon all the time and is easy to kill, therefore you will be on your way to leveling your weapon much faster. Loot the Sealed Stone Gauntlet and feed it.

Weapon recommended to loot:

Weapon Breakthrough

This will take your weapon from level 5 to level 6.

Depending on your class, you will require one of the following:

  • Assassin – Dagger
  • Summoner – Staff
  • Kung Fu Master – Gauntlets
  • Lyn Blade Master/Blade Dancer – Lyn Blade
  • Blade Master – Sword
  • Force Master – Bangle
  • Warlock – Razor
  • Chi Master – To be Added

In order to get the weapon that you require for your class you will need to kill the World Boss Jiangshi located to the west of the Foshi Pyers, and loot tokens that he has. Once you have some tokens run back up the hill to the Foshi Pyers and use the large wheels that are there, like stated in method 2 you will be wanting to get a locked Stalker Weapon Chest. Open this chest and hope that you got the weapon that you need for your class, if not, then feed the weapon into your hongmoon weapon to level it.

Once you have gotten your weapon you will require the following item(s) to breakthrough your weapon.

  1. Viridian Poison – You get this when completing the main quest, alternatively you could buy it from the auction house. best way would just to be to get it from the main quest.

  1. 1 cooper

Once you have broke through the weapon, your best bet on leveling the weapon to level 10 would be farming the stalker weapons as they give the most exp for the weapon at this point. It is possible to continue the main quest without leveling the weapon to level 10, however you may feel a tab under powered at a later stage in the first region.