Game Memory expansion options

This is not an error more of an information page on how to increase the available memory that the game can use so the game won’t max out the memory available and then crash as the computer will not give it more memory to use. This is intended more for 32 bit systems but it’s also good for 64 bit.

Please use this at your own risk, messing up might force you to reinstall the game.

Blade and Soul players use memory in order to provide stable gameplay, for the use of 32-bit operating system, it is recommended to set the memory expansion, and if the main program is installed then this option is not applicable, please refer to the following description of methods to allow the program to access more memory

Memory expansion method:
1. Please go to the installation folder of the game, such as: [C: \ Program Files \ PlayNC \ BnS \ bin] (※ The above information folder for the basic installation path, when subject to change installation path, the path to install the game data folder-based)
2. Locate Enable3GBMem_Vista_Win7_32bit this file, click the right mouse button.
3. Select [to perform] after the system administrator, restart your computer to apply the setting.