First Live Stream Test a Success!


The first stream was a success! Now we are going to start to stream more and more and hope that we can get some good action cought on stream, everything that happens on the stream will be uploaded to the EVExploration Youtube Channel so if you end up missing a highlight and or just want to see something again, then just head over to: You will find lots of information about exploration, PVP and PVE and a whole lot of other things including Dust 514.

A few things that need to be worked on is sound and some of the screen sizing problems. I also need to get some more nice UI for the webcam and to show off my youtube, facebook and twitter links, but that is all coming down on a good note. One thing that is being worked on is the null sec cover, due to the amount of intel channel and channels that need to be open during the time of being logged in to my main null sec character a cover is being created, it’s just for safety also, its to keep spies off my back so you don’t have to come and pop me on stream, not that it’s a problem it’s just that I would rather be safe then sorry when it comes to somethings in EVE Online, for example I never for the most part show what system my main is.

So for the most part just few things need to be added and changed but by the looks of it everything seems to be going well and the stream is looking health. I will keep you all posted as stream changes come up. For now fly safe!