Blade and Soul NA/EU: Evolution Streamlining


Weapon and accessory upgrades are changing in Wings of the Raven.

We’re making some significant changes to the weapon/accessory Evolution process in the next update—Wings of the Raven—arriving February 8.

Scroll to the bottom of this article if you want a quick overview of the changes.

Our goal with these changes is to reduce the complexity of the weapon upgrade system for new and leveling players by reserving the Evolution system for end-game upgrades only. Now, instead of continuously spending materials and gold to upgrade your Hongmoon weapon, you’ll directly receive weapon rewards as you level.


Here’s a look at the new pre-Silverfrost Mountains weapons that will be rewarded directly after the update.

Act Quest/Location Weapon Name
0 Chapter 5. Disciple of the Hongmoon School Training Weapon
1 Chapter 7: Endless Dusk Stalker Weapon
1 Chapter 11: Gone Fishing Bamboo Guard Weapon
1 Chapter 21: Child’s Slay Sablesteel Weapon
1 *Blackram Narrows Blight Weapon
2 Chapter 7: The Dark Glimpse Corrupted Weapon
2 Chapter 18: The Book Thieves Frostbite Weapon
2 Chapter 34: The Enemy of My Enemy Valiant Weapon
2 *Tomb of the Exiles Infernal Weapon
3 Chapter 7: Bark At The Moon Lycan Weapon
3 Chapter 17: Strange Aeons Skyhaven Weapon
3 Chapter 23: The Sky’s Burden Dokumo Weapon
3 *Blackram Supply Chain Siren Weapon
3 *Bloodshade Harbor Pirate Weapon

*Optional, more powerful weapons available as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

Once you reach Silverfrost weapon progression—where you will begin upgrading your weapon—you’ll benefit from a reduced upgrade cost and a simplified upgrade path. After completing Act 4, Chapter 1: The Road to Darkness, you will receive your Ivorymoon weapon. Ivorymoon is comparative to True Profane, and True Ivorymoon is comparative to True Scorpio. The intermediary upgrades have also been simplified, and overall costs have been greatly reduced.

Here is the cost breakdown for the new Ivorymoon weapon Evolution:

Equipped Weapon After Evolution Evolved AP Cost Path 1 Cost Path 2
Ivorymoon – Stage 5 Ivorymoon – Stage 6 268 Soulstone x30 N/A
Silverfrost Mountain Dew x30
Frosty Weapon (Shrieking Caverns)
Ivorymoon – Stage 10 Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 1 298 Soulstone x140 Soulstone x70
Moonstone x30 Moonstone x15
Frozen Stinger x100 Frozen Stinger x50
Silverfrost Transformation Stone x2 Silverfrost Transformation Stone x1
Naryu Tablet x1 Naryu Tablet x5
Yeti Weapon (Avalanche Den) Silverfrost Refining Stone x75
Tormented Weapon (Avalanche Den; Lair of the Frozen Fang; Awakened Necropolis)
Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 5 Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 6 317 Soulstone x40 N/A
Moonstone x10
Frozen Stinger x30
King Weapon (Chuanka Frost Cavern)
Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 10 True Ivorymoon – Stage 1 353 Soulstone x240 Soulstone x120
Moonstone x60 Moonstone x30
Frozen Stinger x200 Frozen Stinger x100
Silverfrost Transformation Stone x5 Silverfrost Transformation Stone x3
Naryu Tablet x3 Naryu Tablet x25
Scorpio Weapon (Awakened Necropolis) Silverfrost Refining Stone x105
Tormented Weapon (Avalanche Den; Lair of the Frozen Fang; Awakened Necropolis)
True Ivorymoon – Stage 5 True Ivorymoon – Stage 6 364 Soulstone x60 N/A
Moonstone x15
Frozen Stinger x50
Alpine Weapon (Sogun’s Lament, Lair of the Frozen Fang, Sundered Nexus, Avalanche Den, Awakened Necropolis, Gloomdross Incursion, The Shattered Masts)


If you have any weapon up to and including True Scorpio, upon logging in after the update you’ll be prompted to Salvage your weapon. Salvaging the weapon will provide you with the new equivalent weapon, and in some cases will also return some of the upgrade materials and gold you spent. In the table below you can see what your weapon will turn into when Salvaged, its new Attack Power (AP) rating, and any returned materials.

Previous Weapon


New Weapon


Returned Materials

Hongmoon Weapon – Stages 1-10


Golden Deva Weapon


Awakened Blight Weapon – Stages 1-10


Infernal Weapon


True Blight Weapon – Stages 1-10


Profane Sword


Awakened Infernal Weapon – Stages 1-10


Forgotten Brightstone Weapon


True Infernal Weapon – Stages 1-10


Siren Weapon


Awakened Profane Weapon – Stages 1-10


Pirate Weapon


True Profane Weapon – Stages 1-10


Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


5 Gem Hammers
Oathbreaker Weapon – Stages 1-10


Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


18 Gem Hammers, 3 Gold
True Siren Weapon – Stages 1-10


Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


5 Gem Hammers, 3 Gold
Awakened Oathbreaker Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 1


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold
True Oathbreaker Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 6


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold
True Pirate Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 6


5 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold
Awakened Breeze Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold
True Breeze Weapon – Stages 1-10


True Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 1


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold
Awakened Scorpio Weapon – Stages 1-10


True Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 6


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold
True Scorpio Weapon – Stages 1-10


True Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold, Hongmoon Legacy Chest


The Hongmoon Legacy Chest contains the following items:

  • Soulstone (x250)
  • Moonstone (x70)
  • Frozen Stinger (x200)
  • Naryu Tablet (x15)
  • Silverfrost Refining Stone (x150)


The accessory path changes only impact new characters, who will see a change in the items they receive. New users will obtain the new Sterling/Ivorymoon accessories through epic quests, while existing characters will keep their current accessories. Existing characters can also acquire the new Ivorymoon accessories from the Silverfrost Valor Stone Trader NPC in Grand Harvest Square for 10 Silverfrost Valor Stones each.

Here’s a look at the new accessories that will be rewarded directly after the update.

Before Silverfrost Mountains:









Chapter 13: A Bridge Too Far Gone Plague Necklace
Chapter 16: The Eight Masters Wu Fu Earring
Chapter 18: Shroom to Grow Dura’s Ring
*Blackram Narrows Blight Necklace Blight Earring Blight Ring


Chapter 2: You and What Army? Hakan Necklace Samja’s Earring Ukaha’s Ring
*Tomb of the Exiles Infernal Necklace Infernal Earring Infernal Ring


Chapter 2: A Link to the Past and Present Abomination Necklace Augerite Earring Huren Ring
*Blackram Supply Chain Siren Necklace Siren Earring Siren Ring Siren Bracelet
*Bloodshare Harbor Pirate Necklace Pirate Earring Pirate Ring Pirate Belt

*Optional, more powerful accessories available as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

In addition, two new sets of accessories are being added to the game: Lucent and Pinnacle. These are slightly better than Ivorymoon accessories, but are obtained as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

Silverfrost Mountains:

Act Quest/Location  Necklace  Earring  Ring  Bracelet  Belt
4 Chapter 4: Forcing the Enforcer Sterling Ring
4 Chapter 7: Legitimate Business Practices Sterling Necklace
4 Chapter 13: The Royal Martial Arts Championship Sterling Earring
4 Chapter 16: Business Unusual Ivorymoon Ring
4 Chapter 19: Damning Evidence Ivorymoon Necklace
4 Chapter 22: The Eight Masters’ Sacrifice Ivorymoon Earring
4 Chapter 25: Mother’s Garden Ivorymoon Bracelet
4  Chapter 28: Her Brother’s Keeper Ivorymoon Belt
*Avalanche Den Lucent Ring
*Lair of the Frozen Fang Lucent Necklace Lucent Bracelet
*Awakened Necropolis Lucent Earring Lucent Belt
*Gloomdross Incursion Pinnacle Ring
*Shattered Masts Pinnacle Necklace Pinnacle Bracelet
*Sogun’s Lament Pinnacle Earring Pinnacle Belt

*Optional, more powerful accessories are available as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

Finally, some of the existing accessories are going to have their stats and drop locations updated. If you currently own some of these accessories, you may want to hold onto them as they are going to receive a significant power buff:

Old Name New Name
Asura Pinnacle
Python/Yeti/Scorpio Lucent
Oathbreaker Ivorymoon

New Players

If you’re new to Blade & Soul, you’ll experience a streamlined gearing-up experience as your weapon rewards are now given directly as you play through the main storyline. Once you reach Silverfrost, you’ll begin upgrading your weapon by Evolving it with materials.

Returning/Leveling Players

If you’re a returning player and your weapon is True Scorpio or below, you’ll want to Salvage it to receive your new weapon. As you progress through the game, you’ll use the streamlined weapon upgrade system and new accessories to help you on your path to Legendaries.

Max Level Players

If your weapon is pre-Legendary, you may enjoy some benefits from the streamlined upgrade path. You may also want to focus on the new accessories dropping from Heroic Dungeons (table above), which will help you work toward your Legendary accessories.