Errors: 01005, 02018, 02015, 02016, 02017

By | December 30, 2020

The errors listed may all have a different meaning however the core problem is all the same, it is a program or firewall that is interfering with the connection of the game.

Make sure that you are using an up to date game, due to the games version changing every patch we will not be able to provide client version numbers.

Make sure that you are not using a CBT version of the game, this will result in an E02018, to solve this error simply download and install the up to date client.

This error is caused by your firewall blocking something it doesn’t like something, there are a few ways that we can possibly solve the error, one of the ways will be up to you to contact your web administrator and or file and official unblock of the game with them, that is out of Team Lan Lan’s control and will be up to you to figure out.

1. Your firewall or antivirus might be blocking some of the updaters or the game, try to shut them down and restart the client to see if that solves the problem.

2.The internet that you are using has the game blocked in some way, the best way is to contact the admin about this problem, this problem will and could consist in Universities, high schools, etc. like we have stated this is will be up to you to solve as we can’t help with anything.

3. Restart the computer, yes, restart the computer, there are some cases where something may boot wrong and force some programs not to work as they should.

4. Close out of any 3rd party programs that could be interfering with the game launcher. This can be done with the MSconfig command – Due to the nature of the edits that the MSconfig requires you to do with your computer, Team Lan Lan has opt to leave it out of troubleshooting guides, as it can cause problems if you would like to find out how to use the MSCONFIG method you click this link

5. Turn off your anti virus software that you have, Blade and Soul NA,EU,KR,CN,TW,JP are all clean and DO NOT contain any viruses provided you are downloading from the Blade and Soul website (

6. If you are using a router or a wireless access point you may need to bypass the blocks that the network has and connected directly to the modem  with a Ethernet cable.