Dungeon Guides


Dungeons are a big part of Blade and Soul, therefore we have dieced that we will make guides to all of the dungeons that are in game, excluding solo dungeons therefore we will only cover dungeons that you can enter with a party for the time being, if you would like to see the solo dungeons you may look under quest guides.

All dungeon guides have a video that shows the dungeon and what to expect.

For the time being we are only covering majot dungeons, but we will cover more later on.

Dungeon NameMax Party MembersMinimum LevelLocation
Plague Hollow614Viridian Coast - Jadestone Village
Lakeside Cache614Viridian Coast - Jadestone Village
Adder's Nest617Songshu Island - Behind Songshu Pavilion
Blackram Narrows620Sentinel Coast - On Island
The Darkglimpse624Tomun Range - Earthseer Bulwark
Sentinel Ruins627Sandstone Refuge - South Cliff Face