Do You Remember to ear your Meals?

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Did you remember to heal yourself after a fight?

This quest is started by talking to Bamboo Village Resident Wubaiku. She is located to the left of the village leader’s house (Character facing the session portal) or on the right if you are leaving the house. She will tell you about how to use the location button and the map! Important, but not all that important. Once you have finished talking to her accept her quest offer!

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Next you will need to open your quest journal and by pressing “J” click the bottom most right button, the location button. This is finish this step of the quest, next you want to run down to the beach that you were at earlier, to the right of the house with the medic, the healing house, you will find a Bamboo village Guard standing in front of a cart by the name of Janghun, speak with him to complete the quest to get your reward for the quest.

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You have finished this side of the quest, remember if you don’t know where to go or if the guide isn’t clear enough for you, just open your journal and click on location!

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