Crafting and Gathering Locations

By | December 29, 2020

Finding crafting locations can be a bit of a pain as the location riddles are not the clearest. So in order to bring more ease to crafting and gathering, Team Lan Lan has decided on bring you a crafting and gathering location guide, this guide is mainly used for crafting and gathering. Below is a table with all the available unions that are in game. The guides are going to be list in terms of union, we will be also including Silver Frost Mountains as the update is coming in the near future.

Guild NameSuggested Combination
Acquired TasteSoul Wardens, Merry Potters
Merry PottersAcquired Taste, Soul Wardens
Soul WardensAcquired Taste, Merry Potters
EarthseersSilver Cauldron
Silver CauldronEarthseers
Radiant RingForge keepers
Forge KeepersRadiant Ring