Class Review – Warlock


The warlock is a medium ranged class that takes power from a summon that we here at Team Lan Lan like to call the devil. The class has a massive AOE affect with the dragon skill affect. The only downside is it’s Iframe duration only lasts ~5 seconds, but we will talk more about this as we are reviewing the class in this post. Please keep in mind that this isn’t a what build is best class, we are simply showing off the class to the best of it’s ability at low levels, regardless of the level the class is a over all beast to have. Maybe it’s time to get a level 50 Warlock? Now it wouldn’t be a class review if we don’t use the Warlock costume.

Without further ago, let us introduce you to PohwaranLan our Warlock!

What are the Pros and Cons of the Warlock Class?

The warlock is a great all around class basically takes the force master and summoner and puts them together to an extent. From the summoner you have your Thrall/Devil that you can spawn and from the force master side you have your ranged attacks. When it comes to the Thrall it’s good, but it comes at a price, we will talk about this later in the review. A pro that we have come across is that class is great for when it comes to fighting bosses in dungeons and around the game due to the stationary Thrall that you get, however the class is a squishy class in terms of defence, but if we were to put that behind us and just focus on the class itself, it’s easy to see that the class can output some great DPS.

According to Mangolia Seggnete:

Warlock can deal massive AOE damage with dragoncall , with combo they can cast 3 Dragoncalls or 4~5 Deathhands continuously. enough to murder a player or take a huge percent of hp from a boss (my lvl 45 WL dealing ~12k to 15k crit damage Dragoncall … not even up to siren/outsomething yet)

Now that you got a picture of the type of DPS the class can do, what about the Thrall/devil that you can call into battle. Well this is a problem because unlike the summoner class the Thrall/Devil doesn’t follow the character around nor does it allow for relocation during combat, meaning once you summon it, you need to wait the timer before you can relocate the Thrall/devil. We will show more of this in the video that we are preparing about the class.

What Classes Can Play As A Warlock?

Currently the Warlock class will be playable as a Lyn and a Jin, the Yun/Kun and Gon classes are not availble as a Warlock class, but instead the Gon and Yun/Kun classes will be gaining the Soul Fighter Class. We will have a article about the Soul Fighter coming out at a later date, but for now since the Warlock class is just around the corner we figured the Warlock was more important.

What Skills Does the Warlock Have?

The Warlock as a few sets of skills that we cannot show off to the full extent due to the level of our Warlock, but we can go into detail as all the class skills are translated. The skill tree is a mess due to the length of English Text vrs Chinese Text, but there isn’t anything that we can do about that.

As you can see there is a lot of skills just like every class, however we don’t have them all unlocked due to our main focus right now being on Blade and Soul NA. We apologies for that however, the point of the post isn’t to show off the skills, but instead it’s to give a nice over view of the class and what to expect with the new class. Once this class is realesed it will be only a matter of time before legendary weapons and Silver Frost Mountains are released.

Warlock in Action

We have created a little video of the Warlock in action, it may not be the greatest due to the low level of the character, but it’s a good example of what combat will be like should you pick the class.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day the final verdict will be yours and yours alone. For us (Team Lan Lan) we can say it’s a good class, but it’s down to the player if you like a class like the Warlock. However in order to give a verdict based on our opinions and opinions of people that we have talked to on other Blade and Soul Servers, everyone likes the class and talks highly of it due to the mass amounts of DPS it can put out and it’s large and powerful AOE attacks. We hope that this gives you a nice insight into the class and how it’s played!

One thing that we will change for our next class review will be that we will make sure that our character in question is a higher level…