Chapter 7 -Thief’s Identity

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You can only remain hidden for so long

Once you have finished talking to Soyu she will tell you to head over to Moonlight Cemetery at Cremation Hill. The hill is located to east from the Corp outpost, you want to get in that direction, you will know once you have found the hill, when you see zombies and the first world boss. climb up the hill, use the path or you will not make it up. and run to the western corner by the bank and speak to Yigan, ask him about the traitor. He will tell you to speak with Um Soji.

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He will tell you that you need to help burn Blood Jiangshi or they will be forced to walk around dead doe the rest of time, you have to head down to the area in front of the hill and kill 3 of them, it’s not just kill and move on, you will need to kill them and then pick them up and burn them, there are two places where you can burn them, on the top of the hill or at a smaller furnace in front of the hill, where you burn them it’s up to you, however I would recommend that you use the one in front of the hill as it’s much quicker to use and you have your targets walking around all around it. This location stands out from the other as it’s the only smoke stack that is located in the middle of nowhere.

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Once you have burned all three head back to Um Soji on top of the hill and speak with him, he will tell you that you should investigate the Blade Dragon Bandits that are walking around in the next “Zone” Once you are done speaking to him head back to Yigan and speak with him, he will tell you that you are to meet with another corp member out in the woods. Once you have finished talking to him he will be gifted 5 tokens and 1 dragon forest poison, keep the poison because you will need it to upgrade your weapon. The Stones can be used at the wheels that are located at the top of the hill, to get more tokens, just kill the world boss and you will be able to look more tokens from him.

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