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Crafting and Gathering Locations

Finding crafting locations can be a bit of a pain as the location riddles are not the clearest. So in order to bring more ease to crafting and gathering, Team Lan Lan has decided on bring you a crafting and gathering location guide, this guide is mainly used for crafting and gathering. Below is a… Read More »

Blade and Soul Pet Table

Pets are a big thing in Blade and Soul as they add many buffs to your character. At the moment at the time of writing there are 9 pets in Blade and Soul, the ghost, panda, grizzly cub, dragon, a cute little sheep, an infernal, a few different colors of penguins, and the new griffon and… Read More »

Blade and Soul Weapon leveling

Effective June 1st – Blade and Soul NA/EU will be retiring the moonwater weapon chains (Siren to True Pirate) Should you want to upgrade your weapon using these chains you have until June 1st to do so. Welcome to the weapon leveling guide! This guide will start from the hongmoon weapon that you gain at… Read More »

Blade and Soul Taiwan Quest guides

guides are currently put on hold as in the English version of the game, there are a number of name changes, we will wait until the beta to start creating quest guides. Do not fear the quest guide project has not been put on hold, it will still be worked on until the English version,… Read More »