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To start this quest you will need to talk to the left blind man, Blindman Anh He is located next to the first roulette wheel.

He will tell you to go and get a ring from a corpse. You will then need to speak with Um Soji, he is located to the south, in front of the first smoke stack. He will tell you to head out into the forest in search off Yu Jipyung. Yu Jipyung  is located to the north of the hill at the outpost camp, he will be kneeling next to the fire. Speak with him about the quest. He will tell you that you need to grab a key for him from the Adder Captain Donbu. The captain is located in a dungeon to the north West of the camp. The cave is marked on the map below.

Once at the cave, run into it and enter it, depending on the speed of your connection, the load time to the cave may vary. Once inside the cave, you do not need to got the the end of the cave, just to the first room. The captain will be pacing back and forth in the middle of the room, it is recommended to kill the body guards that he has before attacking the captain.

Once you have killed the captain, loot the beg that he drops. Once you have picked up the key, you will need to head in deeper into the cave to locate the chests that you will need to open with the key,the room will contain 7 chests, but you need to only open 5,  it doesn’t matter what chests you open.

Once you have looted all 5 chests, are done in the cave, you can head out to the exit and return to the outpost camp to complete the quest. Once at camp speak with Lu Zhiping (焚屍崗守墓人陸智平) again to complete the quest.

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