There Will Be Bloody Jiangshi

pohwaran guidesZombies are upon us and growing in numbers!

To start this quest, you will need so speak with the Spirit Priest, Moyong Jung. He is located at the top of cremation hill in front of the wooden hut.

He says he wants you to find out the magic behind the bloodthirsty zombies, finish talking with him and accept the quest. He will then tell you that you need to head out and kill some bloodthirsty zombies, the zombies can be found to the North, East, West and North West directions from the hill.

The zombies look like this;

They are the same zombies that you have killed in the main quest, expect this time you will not be burning them, just killing them. Once you have killed 8* (providing you got a drop on every kill) loot the begs to retrieve the tag that you need and return to the Spirit Priest for your reword to the quest.

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