Blade and Soulmate

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Please note that this guide is only valid for a limited time as this is a event daily. This guide will be marked invalid once the event is over.

Please Note that this is a daily quest and will be restarted at 6:00am everyday!

Upon login into the game of blade and soul during the month of Febuary 2016, you will be greeting with Blade and Soul’s first event daily! To activate this daily you will need to read the letter that you got, this letter can be found by looking at your active quests log.

Once you open the letter you will see the following, it’s your choice should you want to read it.

The letter talks about a potion that can make anyone fall in love with the user, a full head over heels love obsession. The letter will say that the potion exists and you need to help Chai So brew a batch, continue to the end of the letter to accept the quest.

Should you not already be in Jadestone Village you will need to travel to Jadestone village, it’s up to you how you want to travel, but you need to make your way there. Chai So is located at the Tree Fellers right across from the Tavern in Jadestone village, run up to her and stand in the green circle around her and then speak with her.

Se will tell you that there hasn’t been a wedding in Jadestone for over three years, and about a time where the Silver Cauldron apothecaries has brewed up a batch of a potent love potion. She will tell you to speak with Yu Jasu about the potion. Click continue to continue on.

Once finished talking your character will be holding a basket. Take this basket to Yu Jasu. He is located by the pharmacy. Or you can refer to the map that is below.

Once you have found him standing outside, speak with him. He will ask you if you are here to ask about the love potion

and he knows who sent you to ask, he will go on to say that the potion is real and that the Silver Cauldron created it years ago by mistake while trying to develop a tonic for cardiovascular health (Terrible heart joke removed). He will then tell you to head out to get some fresh ingredients and that he will brew a less potent potion. click continue to move on.

The ingredients are located around Jadestone village, the first that you need to get is located near the bridge close to where Yu Jasu is standing.

Please note that this is all timed, you Team Lan Lan suggests that you read the location of the ingredients before running to get them as if you don’t get them int time you will need to restart the quest.

The first location is a shell located under a bridge. (it’s not the best picture, but it’s the shell next to the middle support pillar)

The next location is across the pond. Running from the bridge head to the lakeside cache, once there standing with your character facing the portal, the sample will be on the left side, it looks like a pile of dirt for the lack of better words.

Once you have gathered the dirt, run back to Yu Jasu and run into his green circle. Once the time has stopped speak to him to complete the daily quest. This quest can be completed one per day for aslong as the event is going on.

Without further ado here is the reword from the quest.