Blade and Soul TroubleShooting

Do you have a problem when it comes to blade and soul? Well you have came to the right place, we will be helping you with almost every possible error that you can possibly have and a way to fix the error. Some errors may and or will require a full game install, but we will not allow for that to happen, we will make sure that you don’t come across that. Some problems that I have came across myself are computer based and are in your hardware rather then a problem with the game, but hardware or software problems we will still help you solve the problems.

Problem Error Code table to be added along with fix. All have been translated from Chinese into English and reworded to make sense.

Please note that some errors will force you to reinstall the game, and there is no work around at the moment.

Should you not find what you are looking for try to use the search box located to the top right of the box below.

Errors List
Error 1005/1008
Errors 3001 and 3008
Error 3002
Errors: 1005, 2018, 2015, 2016, 2017
Do Blade and Soul Support My Operating System?
Error 14001
Login Or In Game Message – Error 1000, 3000, 200, 300
Error 4049
Minimum Computer requirements
Missing, Damaged or Corrupted game files
Error 04015
The Game Isn’t Allowing Me to Log In
Downloading the Game Stops and won’t continue
Error 04004
Error 3027
Error 2024
Error 3001
Error 4044
Error 3014
Error 2017
Error 2002
Error 4041
Game Memory expansion options