Blade and Soul: The Darkglimpse


General Information

Dungeon Name:

  • The Darkglimpse

Level: 24


  • Standard 6-player
  • Standard 4-Player
  • Solo

24-Player Dungeon:

  • Not Allowed

Location: Tomun Range – Earthseer Bulwark

Prerequisite Quests:

  • To be added

Primary Rewards

  • Locked Corrupted Weapon Chest
  • Cinderlands Valor Stone
  • Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
  • Sealed Cinderlands Earring
  • Sealed Cinderlands Necklace
  • Sealed Cinderlands Ring
  • Sealed Darkglimpse Ring
  • Sealed Shaman Combat Soul Shield Part(s) 1-8

Video Run


Six Member Party


Welcome to the The Darkglimpse! This is another dungeon that you will have to clear inorder to get the next weapon that you need for evolution, or you can save yourself that hassle of grinding the weapon and just buy it from the auction house, we are not here to judge, but with the weapon now out of the way we will now tell you about the dungeon and what to expect. This isn’t the easiest dungeon when it comes to soloing at low levels due to the amount of mobs that spawn in waves, should you have the DPS to defend the Soulcore they by all means feel free to solo it. In order to enter this dungeon walk stright down the path that you see in the picture above and you will then see a portal. Run into the portal and the dungeon will start. Do keep in mind that there is also a main quest located inside the dungeon however that doesn’t involve fighting at any kind just a run in and run out.

Once inside you will notice a Lyn Force Master by the name of Jinkyung, you do not need to speak with him but instead just run past and he will follow you into the main chamber where you will be fighting the waves of mobs that will spawn. Along the way to the main chamber you will run into a group of Darkglimpse Revenants and Darkglimpse Skeletal Specters, these should be a one hit kill even for lower level players.


  • Darkglimpse Revenant
  • Darkglimpse Skeletal Specter
  • Demonic Hound
  • Hunter Jiangshi
  • Demonic Fiend
  • Skeletal Warrior
  • Corrupted Villager
  • Jiangshi
  • Skeletal Shaman
  • Skeletal Captain
  • Dark Shaman Nekuro

Once you are in the main chamber you will notice lots of villagers, Skeletal Warriors, Hunter Jiangshi, Demonic Hounds and some not spawned in Darkglimpse Reveanants and Darkglimpse Skeletal Specters. To clear the run focus on the large mobs first then once they have been cleared run up to the group of villagers to spawn in the hidden mobs. Once they have been killed a number of corrupted villagers will spawn in clear the room of the corrupted villagers to get the purification core to spawn in, you with/without your party will need to defend the core from being killed. Should it be killed then you will need to restart the dungeon from the start.

Important note!

Stay away from the black mist that is blocking 3 of the tunnels this will instantly kill you!

Once you see the non corrupted villagers run out the dungeon will start, you will be on wave 1 of 6

Wave Information

  1.  This wave contains Demonic Fiends and Demonic hounds
  2. This wave contains Demonic Hounds and Demonic Fiends
  3. This waves contains Jiangshi and Hunter Jiangshi
  4. This wave contains Hunter Jiangshi and Jiangshi
  5. This wave contains Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Shaman and Skeletal Captains
  6. This wave contains the final boss – Dark Shaman Nekuro that spawns in with two hunter Jiangshi and three Skeletal Captains

Boss Information

Name: Dark Shaman Nekuro
Health: 24,640
Spawns adds: Yes – 2x Hunter Jiangshi and 3x Skeletal Captains

This boss does not drop a loot chest but instead you will get a chest in the form of a letter that can be opened on the right side of your screen under the active quest by the name of “Deep Corruption” Once you have opened the chest you are now able to leave the dungeon.

You can now continue and leave the dungeon.