Blade and Soul Taiwan Quest guides

By | December 29, 2020

guides are currently put on hold as in the English version of the game, there are a number of name changes, we will wait until the beta to start creating quest guides. Do not fear the quest guide project has not been put on hold, it will still be worked on until the English version, but at a more slower pace.

This page will contain all quest guides for Blade and Soul Taiwan, starting from the tutorial all the way to the final game quest (end quest). This page will be updated frequently. All guides will have a written guide and a video guide (once all written is done) recorded by the one and only Pohwaran and crew. Feel free to add me in game and we can help you on the fly that way.

Video Guides will be located at the top of all guides once they have been recorded.

Team Lan Lan has also translated all quest names from Chinese into English, we will be updating all the quest names into proper English names once the English version of the game has been released, We will also be including the Chinese names of the quests so they are easier to find, Chinese names will be after the English translation of the quest name.

The guides are laid out in the following way in regards to the type that it is.

Class: Quest specific to your class of character that you have chosen.
Main Quest: The main story line of the quest.
Side Quest: Side quests to the main quest.
Daily Quest: Quests that can be completed once every 24 Hours
Dungeon: A quest that requires you to finish a Dungeon before being able to continue, May or will require a party.
Faction Quest: Quests to the faction specific.

Quest guides are on the way and are being created, we have lots of quests to cover both main and side quests, so please bare with us we write the guides in depth.

Important information:
Due to modding the core files of the game on select clothing items/doboks this has changed all NPC and characters wearing the said clothing item/dobok, however this will not affect your ability to play the game, it’s just that things will look different.

To select a quest guide click on the quest name.
All quests are done in order!

Quest NameLevel RequirementDifficultyVideo GuideClass Used for QuestQuest Type
Event: Not So-Fond Memories0-50 – level is dependent on event0-10 – Depending on EventYesVaries for eventLimited Time Event
Tutorial02Coming SoonAssassin – All classes used.Class/Main Quest
Chapter 1 – From the Water
Chapter 2 – Captian Dochun
Chapter 3 – Dodan the Hero
32Coming SoonAssassinMain Quest
Chapter 4 – The Bamboo Blossom30Coming SoonAssassinMain Quest
The Call of the Warring Factions30Coming SoonAssassinFaction Quest
A Traveller’s Weapon40Coming SoonAssasinSide Quest
Soup Her Man41Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Aiding and Abeautifying40Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
I Feel a Draft41Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Chapter 5 – The Recovery4Coming SoonAssassinMain Quest
The Way of the Assassin Part 151Coming SoonAssassinClass Quest
The Way of the Summoner Part 251Coming SoonSummonerClass Quest
Chapter 6 -The Honorable Mayor51Coming SoonAssassinMain Quest
In Good Repair1-500Coming SoonSummoner – All Classes will require weapon repairingSide Quest
Secret First Aid52Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Weird Signs50Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Love is a Battlefield51Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Beautiful Illusions51Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Thousand Souls Daily5+10
Recommended Party for Low Level Characters
Level 49
Daily Quest
Chapter 7 – Endless Dusk5Coming SoonAssassinMain Quest
Retribution62Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
There Will Be Bloody Jiangshi62Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Not Everything That Simmers is Gold72Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Clearing the Way72Coming SoonAssassinSide Quest
Path of the Assassin Part 475Coming SoonAssassin – All Classes UsedClass Quest
Path of The Assassin Part 385Coming SoonAssassin – All ClassesClass Quest