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Welcome to the blade and soul game, my name is Pohwaran and I will be your voice as you follow the game and quest guides that has to offer you! If you are reading this then it means that you have already made your account and installed the game. Wonderful! Now let’s get started. Some of the quests can be very confusing, however for someone who has ran the game from start to end a million times, it’s just another walk in the park. So without stalling any more we will get started.


After you select your character for the first time you will be taken to the tutorial after a short cut scene, feel free to watch it or to skip is by pressing ESC on your keyboard, I would recommend watching it if it’s your first time playing blade and soul.

Tutorial Tip: If you don’t know where to run or what do you follow your hongmoon sister Jinyung or in our case we will be calling her Jinyung.

After the cut scene you will be woken up by a npc that is your “Older sister” we can say. Once the event of waking up is over talk to her, this is done for you.

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You want to ask where to hongmoon School Dobok is. You will then be told to use the W,A,S,D keys to move around the room, you will also be told to use the alt key in order to use the mouse if you need to select something, you can also use the ESC key to bring out the mouse if you need it. One you get to the end you should see a box appear where you where asking questions click complete and you will then be transferred over to your character that you have just created and you will now be able to move around to find the school dobok.

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The school dobok is to the LEFT of your characters starting location on the dresser that is near the wall, it is also high lighted with a green floating icon, you cant miss it!

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Once you located the dobok walk up to it and press the “F” key on the keyboard in order to pick up the dobok. After a 2 second event press “F” again to add it to the inventory. To open the inventory you have two (2) ways of doing so. 1) being pressing “I” on the keyboard, this is one of the fastest ways to do so, or you can press “ALT/ESC” to bring up the mouse to then select the inventory icon in the bottom right of your screen. For this tutorial we are going to be using the keyboard short cut of “I”

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Once you have opened you inventory you will now be able to see the dobok that you have just picked up. now how do you equip it you may be asking yourself, well it’s as easy as a mouse click, right click the Dobok and it will auto equip itself to the required slot that it’s meant to sit in in your inventory, remember you can only have one equipped at a time, try to at least have one on at all times so your bopeas will function. Once the dobok is equipped you will notice that the NPC or your older sister has turned to face you and they now have a double arrow above their head saying: “Come over here by me! If you press the “F” key, you can speak with me!” So do exactly what she says, walk over to your sister and press “F” to speak with her. She will then tell you that you are off to walk up the other members of the school, when clicking next you will be told that if you forget to do something you will be able to press the  “J” key to bring up the quest journal, we will cover this in depth more once we get to it’s side quest, but feel free to have a look at it.

Once you have finished talking with her you will see the doors open and your sister running out to the next house, the house is located to the left of your character if you are facing out of the doors, to get to the building just walk outside of the first house and turn left, the house will be on your left side, you will know you are at the right house when you see your older sister standing in front of the doors to the house. like seen in the picture below. If you are still not sure where the house it, look for the double arrow on your mini map and run in that direction.

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Once you walk into the house you will notice your sister walking into the house behind you. You will also notice a floating green star over one of the NPCs in the room, walk over to the NPC and press the “F” key so you can walk him up. After waking him up you will notice that the NPC that you have just awoken having a star above him, walk over to him and speak with him, click next and then complete. Once you have finished talking you will notice that in front of the door around where your sister is standing a large green circle has appeared, these mean two things in the game, one this is a event circle where once you walk into it you will complete a task or, two you will need to execute a emote/emote command, we will talk more about executing commands once we get to the quests that require them, that are far down the line. Now walk into the green circle and you will notice that it has vanished and that there is now a golden star over your sisters head, so just like before talk to her. She will tell you that your other brother is calling you. it’s a easy trip to him, walk straight out of the house and down the stairs and across the stream, you will also see him standing under the tree that is in the middle of the courtyard. Once you arrived you will want to speak with Yungmuk.

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Once you have finished speaking you will be given your sprinting skill. Go ahead and press complete. This next part we will teach you how to sprint, sprinting in Blade and Soul is useful, from running past Pohwaran NPCs when you go in 6 man party to having to run from place to place. To sprint you can press “SHIFT” while holding down “W” and your character will run for the amount of time that it can, in our case that the moment only 12 seconds, but we will be increasing this time later on in the game. Next you will need to go to your other brother, who looks like he is the so called Mushin, I could be wrong, but that is not important. To get to your other brother you want to run in the direction where Jinyung, or the brother under the tree is facing, you will know that you are sprinting in the right direction when you see your sister in the same location as you and also when you cross a bridge before running up a hill to your other brother. Remember if you are always unsure of where you need to go look at your map and you will be able to see it marked via two double arrows. He will be located up the hill in front of a waterfall. When you arrive to him you will be greeted with one of many cut scenes that the game has, they are all worth watching. After the cut scene is done walk up and speak with him.

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After you finish speaking with him you will be given your glide skill, this comes in very useful. Go ahead and click complete. To glide you need to sprint then jump then jump again in order to glide. so go ahead and give it a shot and glide to the next area that is marked with a yellow double arrow. To get the the next zone glide back to where you came from or in other words head back to the tree that you have just came from. Instead of heading to the tree turn left and you will see all your brothers and sisters lined up in front of your teacher, who is a old male lyn, by the name of Master Hong, walk up to him speak with him. After you are done speaking with him you will have to run up the stairs located behind him and into the right door that has a green portal, once inside turn to your left and you will see a book case with your green star floating in front of it, walk up to it and press “F”, then press “F” again to receive your skill book. Once you have the book Press “K” to open the skill book.

*Please note that your skills may differ from what are soon below as it differs from class to class *

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Feel free to have a look through the skill book and see the skills that you will be able to train once you get the points for them, we will go into much more detail on the skill book after chapter 17. Once you are done with looking at your skills close the book and talk to Master Hong. He will tell you that you need to head over to the Dojo to start your training.

Summoner Summon Selection

If you are not playing with the Lyn Summoner class you can skip this part and continue on, this part is only for summoner. Once you have gotten your Martial Tome, Master Hong will ask you to go outside with him, follow him through the same portal that you have came in to the building from. Outside you will be greeted with a number of Summons ~cute!

The summons that you have to pick from are; Fido, Feisty, Frisky, Fluffy and Fifi. Please note that summons can be customized at summon customization merchants located in towns. The names that the summons currently have are not the name that you will get, you can name the summon to what you want! For the tutorial we picked the summon Fluffy! It’s now time to pick a name for the summon!

Once you have picked the name for the summon, you will get a cut scene showing how happy the summon is that you picked it. Now talk to Master Hong and you will get the Apron of Innocence for your summon, you can equip it the same way you equip doboks, press “I” and open the inventory. On the right side on the top you will see 3 tabs, Character, Summon and Bopaes, Click on the middle tab to access the summons inventory, right click to equip the apron. You can now head out to the dojo for combat training.

Continuing On

To get to the Dojo head out the door that you came from and walk to the dojo that is located to the left of your character when you exit. You will know that you are in the right place when you see your brother that was standing under the tree in the middle of the zone, with the double quest arrows above him. Walk up and talk to him.

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Once you finish you will  receive from him your training weapon and a few skills. Once you have gotten them you will need to open your inventory by pressing “I” and just like you did with the dobok at the start of the tutorial you will do with your weapon. After equipping the weapon,, run straight ahead of you to get the the training section where you will learn how to use the skills that you have just gotten.

*Please note, this next part varies for character, this guide will be updated once all character that we will be running the quests with have gotten to this part.*

Once you walked right in front of you, you want to talk to your brother once again, once you finish talking to him you will see some wooden training dummy spawn, you will also get more skills.  You will need to attack them in order to continue to the next step in the fight training.

Fighting Tutorial – Assassin

After talking you will notice that you have gotten some blue balls that in the the top left of your screen, these are your life line, without them you will not be able to preform some skills, depending on the skill it can eat chi quickly. For the Assassin class your first combo that you need to perform is attack 4 times with your left mouse button and then press the “Z” key to drop a mine. So walk up to a dummy and attack it 4 times by using the left mouse button, before hitting it for a 5th time you want to press “Z” and drop a mine once the mine has been dropped you want to press “Z” again to detonate the mine. You will need to repeat the attack 4 times and drop a mine 3 times.

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Next you will be learning about using the “Back stab” skill, this skill is useful, you will have to proform this skill 3 times in order to move on. So to start the skill in the tutorial walk into the green circle and face a dummy. Once you are facing one you want to press “1” and then once you come face first to your target press the left mouse button, you will have a total of 6 seconds to perform the attack.

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Scroll down to the Tutorial Continued section to continue with the quest.

Fighting Tutorial – Summoner

Once you have finished talking to Yungmuk you will be given your training staff, equip it the same way that you equipped the dobok before. Run up to the far end of the dojo and speak with Yunmuk once again. The first combo that you need to do is to collect Chi using the Rosethorn attack then use the right click and use the Rumblebees attack. Do this combo 3 times.

Once the combo is done you will be told to press the “Tab” this is used to tell you summon to attack, Select a training dummy and press “Tab” to make the summon attack. Remember: in harder combat you need to pay attention to your summons health. You will need to do this 3 time before being able to move onto the final combo.

The final combo that you will need to do is, you will need to approach a Training Dummy and use the Grasping Roots skill that is bound to the number 1, press “1” right after you will need to press the number 2, Press “2” to use Thorn Strike.

Once you have finished the combo Press “ALT” to free the mouse read the letter that you have gotten on the right side of the screen under the active quest. You are now ready to continue on with the guide, scroll down to Tutorial Continued to finish the tutorial

Fighting Tutorial Destroyer - Coming Soon
Fighting Tutorial Blade Master - Coming Soon
Fighting Tutorial Warlock - Coming Soon
Fighting Tutorial Lyn Blade Master - Coming Soon
Fighting Tutorial Kung Fu Master - Coming Soon
Fighting Tutorial ForceMaster - Coming Soon
Fighting  Tutorial Kung Fu Force Master (Force Kung Fu Master) - Coming Soon - Name to be updated on release

Tutorial Continued

Now that you have finished the attack, press the “ALT” key or “ESC” to bring out the mouse, with mouse you want to select the scroll that has appeared under your mini map select it and read it. Once you have read it you want to talk to your brother once again, talk to him so you can get your first batch of EXP and get to Level 2!

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Now you are ready for the cave of Trials, here you will learn about healing yourself and final stand. In the Korean version of the game this is also where you learn how to repair weapons, however in the Taiwan and Chinese versions of the game this isn’t covered. We will add a section on how to repair your weapon to this guide once we get one that breaks. To get to the Cave of Trials you want to run to the south end of the map, in other words run out of the dojo and turn left, then continue through a archway and down the stairs, continue following the path until you get to the cave. Enter the cave.

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Once inside the cave you will find 4 training dummies walking around, attack and kill all 3 of them, in order to spawn the hongmon student, called the “Masked Man” He will not attack you and you have to attack him, only attack him once and don’t waste your time trying to kill him as it’s not possible. Once you attack him you will notice that he has killed out, this is part of the tutorial, once you are down you will have a 30 second timer in which you need to crawl out of the aggression circle and meditate, this way you will not really die, but you will recover from final stance and continue. If you are attacked in final stance you will be killed, and the only way to get come back to life is to resurrect yourself, you will then spawn in the nearest zone spawn beacon or at the nearest zone checkpoint. To Meditate press 1 and wait out the 20 second timer.

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If you are playing as the Lyn Summoner class, once you have finished meditation, you will need to press “Tab” to bring your summon back to life.

Once you have finished mediating, you will be given a small/secret healing potion, press “6”  in order to use it. Once you drink it, speak to Musung and you will be granted 1500 exp to get to level 3. Once you have the EXP and the level head out of the cave, and you will have noticed that the zone has dramatic changed for the worse. Once you exit the cave don’t waste time fighting the demons that spawn, run back to the main zone where you came from, so up the path through the archway and up the stairs, you will be greeted with a cut scene once again, this is only one of many that you will encounter through out the game.

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You are almost done the tutorial and ready to embark on your adventure of revenge. Not going to spoil anything, but it’s a great one. Anyway you will find yourself in the middle of the court yard and on your mini map you will see a big red circle, this means that what you need to kill is located in and around this circle, your task is now to kill 4 of the demons that have spawned. Once you have killed them you will be greeted with the final cut scene before heading out to Bamboo Village. You should have waken in a hut in bamboo village that is under attack.

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Congratulations you have finished the tutorial.

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