Blade and Soul Taiwan Quest Guide – Chapter 1

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Welcome to Chapter 1 of the game of Blade and Soul.
After the fighting at took place that the school you will be awaken in Bamboo Village. Bamboo village is a place where you start the game, it’s a nice place to come and rest if you like eye candy.

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Talk to Soyu, she will tell you to help out her uncle the one that saved you from your watery grave, she will tell you to speak with the Vigilance Corp members that are outside of the hut. Once you finish to the right of your character will be a portal in the door frame, walk into the portal and it will take you outside into the vast multilayer game world that is Blade and Soul Taiwan. Once you leave the house dead in front of you is a vigilance corp member with a star over him, speak with him and he will require you to do a small task for him, you will be told to carry a box to the next corp member located just south of where the first one is located, follow the path to the right of where you character is standing and down the stairs and head to the beach, he will be standing in front of the second flight to stairs, simply walk into his green circle and the box will disappear. Once that is done, speak with him and he will tell you where Soyu’s uncle is after an introduction to the village leader. You will then get 260 EXP and 3 health potions, that you shouldn’t need to use for a while. To get to the village leader walk down to the beach and take a right, he will have a green circle around him and also be fighting the Ramming Pirates, so you know that he is the right person.

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Walk into his green circle, sometimes it may not active due to him fighting, so clear some of the Pirates and it should active, remember you may have to follow him around he moves around while fighting. You will now be required to kill 3 Pirate on the beach, there are plenty walking or running around, just pick any three and kill them. After you have killed them you will notice the red circles on the map turn blue, and you will also notice a new objective! Around you and the beach you will find injured Vigilance Corp members, walk up to anyone of them and pick them up, you will be required to take them to the medic located by the hut that you started off at.

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Walk up the the medic standing in the middle of wounded corp members and speak to him, the guard you are carrying will disappear from your hands. Once you are done talking you need to head back to the hut that you started the zone off in, the hut is located just north of you and the beach. Once inside the hut wait for the village leader to walk in and then speak to him. Once you are done speaking with him head back outside and speak to the corp member that is standing in front of the door, or the same corp member that you spoke with at first at the start of the chapter. He will then tell you that you need to head out and find him a map. Head back to the beach and head to the right (character facing the water) and kill a few of them, if you are lucky you may even get the map on your first kill, it’s not uncommon to do that.

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Once you have the map picked up you will notice the quest marker move to the north (of my character in the picture) Run to it, you will enter a little outpost and you will see a portal for a session change, enter the portal and make your way to the first tent that is right in front of your character from when you enter the portal and speak with the corp member. He will tell you to save the village leaders son that is locked in a cage just behind from where you are standings, kill the 3 pirates that are standing around the fire and one that is standing in front of the cage, after killing the pirates open the cage and speak to the leaders son. He will then tell you that you need to fire the cannon that is located to the right of the dock just a few steps away from the cage. Head over to the cannon and fire it. After you fire the cannon, you will see a “Boss” spawn and start attacking the two corp members and you, help the corp members in fighting him.

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He will mainaly focus on the corp members rather then you, just keep fighting him until he gets to around 15% health, he will then jump up onto his kite and fly off. Once you have finished fighting speak to Danha and after a short cut scene of the pirate fleet leaving he will tell you how to teleport to the main village and start your adventure in Blade and Soul. To teleport you want to open the map by pressing the “M” button and selecting the spinning vine symbol and click it. Your Character will now start the teleportation animated and once it’s finished you will teleport to the selected location.



Teleportation costs copper and later in the game will cost silver, you use the teleportation function carefully.

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Once you are in bamboo village speak to the corp member that is right in front of you. He will tell you that you need to head over to the village leader’s house. So run to the east of which your character is standing and down the path to the house. Once in his house speak to him, he will give you a hongmen weapon that you will use later on in the game to upgrade to final pirate weapon before switching to a whole different weapon along with some EXP. You will then complete this section of the quest guide.

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