Blade and Soul Taiwan: New Game Launcher


Blade and soul Taiwan is going under and major update involving the games launcher. The current launcher is using java script in a windows explorer kind of format from what Team Lan Lan were able to find while trying to translate the launcher for english players. Long story short, we were not able to translate it due to a auto repair that it has. Now that the current launcher has been out for quite sometime, from the launch of the game really. NCsoft said it’s time for the launcher to get a face lift. The new launcher looks great. will update guides with the new launcher so it won’t be as confusing.

How to get the new launcher.

According to the event page, that you can find here (Event Page Link) the launcher will be live on the 3rd of February, it will be a automatic download for those of you that have the game already, should you not have the game you will need to get it from the Blade and Soul Taiwan website. Has traslated the event page, you can see it below.

Download link will be added onces NCTaiwan adds it to the page.

Should you have anymore questions about the new launcher or need help regarding the new launcher. Leave a comment and we will get to you as soon as we can.