Blade and Soul Taiwan: New Class – Level 45 Coupons


Editors note: It was brought to our attention that we had some invalid facts about the coupons, we have corrected the post and we apologies for the inconvenience this has cost readers and player.
Pohwarans note: It was in my error that I didn’t proof read the post after it was submitted for review. I apologies for the mistake that was made, it will not happen again.

Blade and Soul Taiwan has gotten a new class, the Soul Fighter! This class is only playable on the Gon and Kun/Yun Class. For the readers that don’t know about this class is that it’s a class that mixes the Kung Fu Master with a Forcemaster turning it into a all in one from both classes. It’s a nice class. I haven’t had much time to experiment with it as I’m busy with Blade and Soul NA at the moment, but it was brought up on one of our meetings that we need to head about and dive headfirst into Blade and Soul Taiwan, so that it was we will be doing from this point on. This will not be a very long post, but we will instead break the new class into another post that will cover the basics of the class. Hopefully it will be useful for the readers.

The level 45 coupons were a part of a event that has long finished it was the preregistration event, this event has concluded and you cannot get anymore coupons from the event.

Anyway back to the class!

This post will be a very brief overview of the class, we will make a much bigger in depth post on the character once we learn and see what the class can do. Like stated before the class is a hybrid of the Kung Fu Master and the Forcemaster in turn putting both classes into one package. Currently rated on the character creator as 2.5 stars for difficulty, it doesn’t seem like a hard class to play as, but only time will tell. We will let the anticipation climb as we record and cover the new class is as much depth as we can.

The next post about the new class should be up within the coming days, we are also hard at work creating our crafting/gathering guides as some of the locations that are hinted are hard to find.