Blade and Soul Taiwan Event: Valentines Day Sweepstakes

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This event runs from today’s Maintenance to maintenance on 2/19
Looks like maintenance brought us some new limited edition costumes. There has to be a reason behind that right? Well yes there is! The new costumes are part of a Valentines Day event! check out the picture below to learn more about the event. (more information below the picture)
Link to Event:…eDay/event.aspx

temptation event

Providing that you have bought the costume from the store, you can equip the costume and show love/affection towards another player. while showing the love/affection towards another player take a screenshot and upload it to the official Blade and Soul Taiwan Facebook Page: https://www.facebook…?type=3 If you are wondering where I got the URL to the facebook pages post, you can head to the event page on the BNS site and scroll to the bottom until you see the heart at the bottom, clicking this will take you to the Facebook page.

How to take part in the sweepstakes?
1.Providing you have already bought the costume from the in game store, you have to put it on and show love/affection to another player and take a screenshot.
2.It is up to you if you want to edit the screenshot
3. You have to upload it to the Blade and Soul Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook…?type=3
4. Copy and paste the example comment that is below and replace the Xs with your server and Character names.
5. Once you have the line above in Chinese you need to provide the server you are on, I don’t have a list of servers at the moment but I will update this with a server list later on. Server list will be located in the post below this post.
6. Then you must provide your character name, the name must be of both characters in the picture. In case that is confusing to how I said it – You need the names of both players.
7. Before you upload make sure your comment on Facebook looks something like the one below. I would recommend copying and pasting the one below and just replacing the Xs with your server and character names.

Example Comment to Copy and Paste:

Example Comment Translated:
Server = 伺服器
Character Names = 角色名稱

Make sure where you see “HEART EMOTICON” you put a heart Emoticon or your entry will not count!
Make sure the comment is in Chinese! It cannot be in English

What can you win?
We all like to win so according to the Facebook post you can win the following
Gentleman Cloths combination package
Nurse Combo Pack

Extra Information
Winners will be announced on 2/18 / 2/19 (depending on where you live) after checking the server you provided and the character names
Should you not provide something currently then your entry will not count if you have entered
All prizes will be given in the form of a code to be redeemed in account management on the Blade and Soul Taiwan Website.
There can/will be up to 50 winners.

If you have anymore questions or need help, just comment and I will help as soon as I can.
There may be errors in the translation, we apologize for that and if you find a mistake let us know we will fix it.
If I have missed something or if you find something important let me know and I will update the post.