Blade and Soul Taiwan Chapter 5

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Welcome to Chapter 5 of Blade and soul!

After you have leveled from the last quest, head out of the village leader’s house and into the house right across the path from his to speak with the mayor of the village. After you finish speaking to him he will give you a purple jewel looking item. My recommendation on this is to bank it as soon as possible, and not to use it until you are a higher level, items like this can come in handy later on when levelling weapons and jewellery. Use it at your own risk, you will not get another one for a while!

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Once you are done talking run out of the house and down to the beach that you were at before you ended up in the heart of the town and into the hut that you started off your adventure in and speak to the medic, medic GwakJun that you have also spoken to before. You may have also noticed two blue arrows on your map, these are side quests that can give a nice amount of EXP if you finish them. You can find the side quests on the quest guide page marked with side quest and a blue arrow, like seen in game. We will be coming back to the side quests later, this is the main quest line and we won’t worry about the sides in this section. Once you get the the healing house speak with the Gwakjun.

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He will tell you that the guard that you saved on the beach wants to speak with you, once you finish talking to the left of the medic you will find the guard laying on a bed by the name of Gwak Chil, the middle bed, walk up and speak with him. Once he as thanked you for saving his life, head back to Gwak Jun and speak with him. He will tell you that he is in need of medicine to help the corp member, in order to get the medicine he will tell you to head down to the beach and kill some crabs. Head down to the beach, you will see that the pirates are replaced with crabs, you are required to kill all 8 of them and pick up their extract.

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Once you have collected all 8 extracts head back to Gwak Jun. Once back at the Healing House talk to him, he will then tell you to help out the village leader once again. Run back to the village leader’s house and speak with Dochun. He will then tell you that you are going to be leaving the village, Welcome to the open world of Blade and Soul! So head to the north part of the village and get ready to leave the village for the first time, you can always return if something were to happen. Walk to the north and enter the portal into a valley, follow the valley to the end and enter the second portal at the end.

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Once you enter the second portal you will need to run straight ahead of you, run until you get to a camp controlled by the corp members, there are pirates walking around in this zone, but you don’t have to worry about them at this point in time. Just run to the camp/outpost. Once at the outpost speak with Gong Samsik standing next to the teleportation beacon. Once finish speaking to him he will give you your reward for this part of the story line as follows. Go ahead and complete the quest.

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2 copper coins
780 EXP
1 Training Jewel – Once again I Recommend saving it until a higher level
10 keys used to open chests that contain weapons
5 Pick axes – they are used in the gathering professions that we will cover later
5 Dragon Forest water gathering jars – Also used in gathering professions.

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