Blade and Soul Taiwan Chapter 4

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Welcome to Chapter 4 of Blade and Soul Taiwan.

 After you have finished speaking with the village leader you will have a cut scene and you will see Soyu walk into the building, you can walk up to her or wait for her to get into place, and speak with her. She will tell you about Bopae, she will also tell how to equip the bopaes. To equip the bopae press the “B” or “I” buttons, they will open your inventory, then right click them in order to apply them to their right slots. every bopae set is made of 8 parts. At the end of your conversation with her, she will give you one section of a started bopae, if you want to learn more about bopaes you can follow this link: (Under construction)

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After you have equipped the bopae speak with Soyu again to finish the quest. She will at the end of the conversation give you 2 copper coins, 260 EXP and 3 Dragon Expansion begs. click complete to complete the quest.


Save the Dragon Expansion begs until you have the two layers of your inventory unlocked, then use the begs to unlock the 4th layer of your inventory, to get more begs, you need to buy them from the cash shop or get them from events*

pohwaran guides

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