Blade and Soul Taiwan – Account Creation Guide


Welcome, In this guide you will be able to find out how to create an account for Blade and Soul Taiwan, it’s easier then it looks, you don’t need to do any real name registration or anything of that sort. So without any further ado, we will get started with this guide. During this guide I will be creating a second account for myself along side you, so you shouldn’t have any problems. This guide will also help you install the more then easy to install English patch that the wonderful people over at Project Izanami have made.
This is for information purposes only.

We have covered both Facebook and Email registration.

Since the guide was released a while back the games NC launcher has gone through a major update and it’s no long like the one that was in the guide, due to this change we have updated the guide to show the new launcher.


So looks like you are ready to make a Blade and Soul Taiwan account, Wonderful! Lets get started!
First you want to go to this website:
ext you want to click on the text that is in the black rectangle? or circle, I dont know what I drew. But anyway, it should take you to the next page that you will soon see in step 2

Step 2

Now that you managed to get to the following page you will be faced with two options for account registration, both work to log into the game as the launcher supports both.

You are now faced with a Email account creation or you can use your Facebook account, because Facebook account registration isnt hard and for the most part it’s just to allow access to your account.
For this guide we will be using Email, so click on Email or Facebook. Scroll past the Facebook registration and you will be able to follow the Email registration should you choose.


Facebook Registration

Clicking on the first link on the Blade and Soul website no longer supports a Facebook account creation, but it’s still possible to create an account and we will show you how.

Step 1

To make everything as simple as we can you can click the following link to take you right to the Facebook registration:

On the page you will notice that it will ask for a Email and Password, but you can ignore this and click the blue box with a “F” in it over top the text boxes. This will open a smaller window in your internet browser asking you to sign into Facebook, if you are already sign in you will then be asked to allow NCSOFT access to your facebook account.


Depending if you are already signed into Facebook or not, you may also get the window that is below, regardless of what windows you will get, they will serve the same purpose. Once you have signed into the page you will see the page below.

The page will ask you for permission to use information from your Facebook account and allow NCsoft to read it in order to log you into your account. You may edit what you share, however it’s recommended that you leave it alone. If you fear that your account won’t be safe using the Facebook registration, you can click cancel and then sign up using Email.

Once you click Play Now, the pop up window will close and your internet browser will redirect you to account management as seen below.

Once the page above as loaded you will then be able to log into the game with your facebook.

Congratulations and welcome to Blade and Soul Taiwan, you can now skip the Email registration part and go directly to game download and installation.

Email Registration

You should be now at the following page. This is where you will enter your account information to the account that you will want to create, We have translated the page to make it easier for you to follow.


To sign up follow the boxes from top to bottom, they are explained below.

Box 1. Your Email Address that you want to use to sign into the account
Box 2: Enter the password that you would like to have for the account. Your password must meet the following requirements:

Box 3: Enter the same password that you have entered in the box above.
Box 4: The Account name – this name is so you can identify the account without using the Email
Box 5: Account Rescue Email – Should anything happen to your email that you have listed above you can always recover your account with a second email address.
Box 6/7/8 Across: your birth date in the following format – YEAR/MONTH/DAY – We recommend to make your birth day over the age of 15.
Final Check box – Click the check box to say that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Blade and Soul Taiwan.
Blue Box: Click the blue box in order to continue to Email Verification.


Well done, you have made this far, now only a matter of time before you have an account!
You should now be at the following Page, please note once again we have translated the page for your connivance. Should you not get a email from NCSOFT support then check your emails spam folder and or your emails junk folder. If you still haven’t gotten the email you can click “Change Email” at the bottom right under the blue button that will take you to  your email. You have 24 hours from the point where you clicked continue on the last step to activate the account or it will be deleted automatically by NCSOFT.


This step is one of the more easier ones, you now need to navigate to your email and look for the conformation email that you will get from NCSOFT. The email looks as followed.


Opening the mail should look like this:

Now all you need to do is click the long blue link  that is in the mail.
You are now ready to move onto the next step.


You should be directed to the following page that is telling you to login with the information that you just created.


Click Sign in to make sure that the account works.
If all works well you are now ready to download the game/launcher. You can download the game/launcher with the following link:
 Follow the on screen instructions to install the NClauncher, once it has been installed you will be greeted with the following pop up:

Enter you Email and Password, if you used Facebook then you can click sign in with Facebook located the the bottom of the log in screen.
Once that has been done you will be just one click away from entering the game.

STEP 7 – The Final Step for registration

You will now arrive at this screen. You will be seeing this screen every time you log into the game!


When you first open the launcher the rectangle in the bottom right will be blue, and you will notice a long line to text next to it. It will read the following: “The game isn not installed please install the game.

Click the blue rectangle to install the game, once it has been click you will be greeting with the following pop up:

These are the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) click the button on the left to continue. Once you have click okay/agree you will then be greeted with the installation page, asking you where to install the game. More of the page is explained below.


The popup from the top down is like followed:

File Size Pre-installation: 3.4MB  File Size After installation: 17.5 GB (This will be different depending on the amount of updates that need to be done)

Download Path: this is only temporary, leave the boxed checked so the launcher will delete the downloaded files once it’s done. – To change click the words at the end

Installation Location: This is where the game will be installed, the default location is in Program Files. – To change click the words at the end.

Once you are happy where the game will be installed, click the bottom at the bottom right hand corner to install the game.

Now you need to wait until the game is installed.


Launching The Game

To launch the game click the red rectangle in the bottom right corner.

Should you choose to play the game with an English patch please see step 8, this is full optional and sound be used at your own risk, I haven’t had any problems while using this patch other then by mistake using a outdated one on my Blade and Soul China client and having to do a reinstall, however I have tested both patch that they offer on both games and they do work. Follow step 8 on words if you would like to have the English patch installed.

Congratulations, You are now apart of Blade and Soul Taiwan!

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will get to them at the sametime you can leave a comment in the Blade and Soul Taiwan thread that I have going.

English patch

With the English patch that is blow this section being out of date right now, I have came across a new patch that seems to be actively being updated, I have tested the patch myself and can say it works as of 2015/03/22. This patch doesn’t come with all the fancy items like the patch below, but it works so that is the most important part. A video guide will be released soon showing the installation of the English patch.


Every time the game does a update the patch will be overwritten with the update and you will have to install the English patch again providing it has been updated for the latest patch that the game has given out to players. In other words, if you see Traditional Chinese you need to update your English patch.

All credit for the English patch goes to:  Project Izanami

Note: This patch is a translation of the Japanese version of the game into English, items left untranslated will be in Japanese as seen here:



Don’t let this be a minus for you, the patch still works and is being actively updated.

Step 1 – Downloading

Head over to the Blade and Soul Dojo (account creation is optional, but highly recommended as you can get help with every problem that you get about blade and soul) and find this post, or you can click this link:
nce the page has loaded, download the XML file from the link provided on the post, or you can download the patcher that they have created.

Both ways are presented, we will start with the manual installation.

I personally recommend using the non patcher way because with programs like them, they are always subject to messing something up, the manual installation of the patch is recommended by Team Lan Lan.

Download the raw xml.dat

You will have to click the first link that says: Direct xml.dat download link – (Date Here). It will take you to a drop box that you can download from. Go ahead and download it and save it to anywhere you would like.


Default XML.dat Backup

Before we start with the XML instalation you will need to back up your old one just in case something were to go south, it does happen if you download the wrong file or one that is out of date. This is easy to do and can save you a lot of time.

Step 1

Head over to where you have the game installed, in my case its  (E:\Blade and Soul TW) The folder should look something like this. You should have the two folders Bin and Contents, don’t worry about the other two files I have hidden folders turned on so I can see them, but really they are not important and can be ignored.


Next you want to click folders in the following order in order to get to the unmodded blade and soul xml.dat file.

1. Contents
2. Local
5. Data

The final folder should contain only one file, however for the sake of the patch testing before writing this post I have already updated the xml, so I will have two files, you will also have two files once done with the guide.


Step 2 – Most important step

Note: the following step will force your game to stop working until you install the new patch that you have just downloaded.

Right click the single file that you have in the folder and rename it to something.
Tip: Keep xml in the file name so you can remember what file it was before you changed it.
I have renamed mine as seen below and in the picture above to: xmlbackup.


Folder Merger

Now that you have your xml backed up you can find the XML that you have just downloaded. Find where you saved the XML file and drag and drop it into the folder that you just renamed your old XML file (E:\Blade and Soul TW\contents\Local\NCTAIWAN\CHINESET\data).
This is how the folder is to look like once both XML files are installed(see above or below pictures), one that is renamed the other that is by it’s normal name of XML.dat containing the English patch.

You should now have two xml files in there, one that is renamed in case something were to go wrong and one that just says xml. Your Data folder in your game directory should look something like this.



If you get an error after installing the patch where the game will not start, restore the XML backup that you just made and rename the english patch to something so the game will not read it. Launch the game, if the game launches it means that you have a out of date English patch and you will have to go back and download an updated version of the patch, then you can install it like you did before.

English Patch Installer

All credit goes to  Urbancowgurl777 on the Blade and Soul Dojo for the following instructions on how to download and use the patcher. Please also remember the following files are created by the wonderful people running the project, or Team Lan Lan do not claim the following files, all rights to respected creators.

1. Download instructions

  • 1. Navigate to the link above, change from icon view to list view
  • 2. Click on the BladeAndSoulTWLauncher folder and pick which files you want to download (see below), download them to anywhere
  • 3. Unzip everything
  • 4. Run the program (BladeAndSoulTWLauncher) in the newly unzipped program folder

2. Files

  • *BladeAndSoulTWLauncher.*.zip – the zip package of BladeAndSoulTWLauncher
  • *BladeAndSoulTWLauncherUpdate.*.exe – the 7z self-extracting package of BladeAndSoulTWLauncher
  • *EnglishPatch.*.zip – the english patch with translated UPK files (chat tags, loading screen, etc (this is oudated and some of the pictures are missing))
  • *EnglishPatch_ProjectIzanamiOnly.*.zip – only the english patch
  • *SoundPatch_Japanese.*.zip – Japanese voice pack

Orange – Choose one
Blue – Choose one
Pink – Optional
Note: These files are hosted on Google Drive, which automatically scans for viruses when you download (unless the file is too big). All of the exe files are signed with the program creator’s digital signature.

3. Setting up

  • 1. Run the BladeAndSoulTWLauncher program from the folder you downloaded. On first run, you will be asked to browse to the Replace.bat from EnglishPatch or EnglishPatch_ProjectIzanamiOnly. If you didn’t do this step, BladeAndSoulTWLauncher will not check for updates and just show its main interface.
  • 2. On the main interface, you can choose your file locations: “Launcher exe” is for the NCGlobalLauncher.exe file within your game files. “Game exe” is the Client.exe file within your game files. “English Patch” is the Replace.bat file in the EnglishPatch or EnglishPatch_ProjectIzanamiOnly folder you downloaded earlier.
  • 3. If you choose to download the Japanese voice pack, “Sound Patch” will be the Replace.bat file in the SoundPatch folder you downloaded earlier.

4. Using

  • 1. Run the program (exe found in the program folder you downloaded and unzipped earlier)
  • 2. You may be asked to download an update for the program itself. Optional.
  • 3. You may be asked to download a translation update. Optional.
  • 4. Click “Patch” to back up the necessary game files and apply the translation patch (if you already applied the patch, the script will tell you and you will need to “Restore” first).
  • 5. After the patching is complete, click the Project Izanami logo within the program to run the NCGlobalLauncher.
  • 6. (Optional) If you keep the program open, it will detect new game updates by monitoring the NCGlobalLauncher. If a new game update is detected, the program will inform you to restore the patch(es) and re-launch the NCGlobalLauncher.

5. Updating

  • 1. When a new translation is out, the program will tell you once you open it. All you have to do is click “Manual” (navigates to my shared GDrive folder to manually download the xml.dat file) or “Automatic” to download the translation.
  • 2. If you choose to manually download the translation update, you will have to rename the file to “xml.dat” and put it in theEnglishPatch\contents\Local\NCTAIWAN\CHINESET\data\ folder. After that, enter the version number of the new xml.dat next to “Set Version” (2015.6.9 for example). Continue to step 4 of section 4.

6. Notes/Extras

  • *“Reset Version” is the same as “Set Version” to 0.0.0. The patch is not working at all and the game returns an error even when you already have the latest version? Chances are that you have got a corrupted xml.dat. “Reset Version” and restart BladeAndSoulTWLauncher to let it download the xml.dat again.
  • *“Patch” and “Restore” use external scripts, advanced users can modify them to fit their needs.
  • *The BladeAndSoulTWLauncher will automatically set the appropriate registry entries so you can run the game portably.

Congratulations! Welcome to Blade and Soul Taiwan!

With that being done and the copy completed, you can now start up your game and you will be able to enjoy the game in English once again.

I hope this solved any questions or problems that you guys may have had, If you have a problem ask below in the comments and I will reply with a fix!

Enjoy your time in blade and soul and I hope to run into you in game one day!