Blade and Soul: Sentinel Ruins


General Information

Dungeon Name:

  • Sentinel Ruins

Level: 27


  • Standard 6-player
  • Standard 4-Player
  • Solo

24-Player Dungeon:

  • Not Allowed

Location: Sandstone Refuge – South End of the City

Prerequisite Quests:

  • To be added

Primary Rewards

  • Locked Sentinel’s Weapon Chest
  • Cinderlands Valor Stone
  • Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
  • Sealed Cinderlands Earring
  • Sealed Cinderlands Necklace
  • Sealed CInderlands Ring
  • Sealed Sentinel COmbat Soul Shield Part(s) 1-8
  • Sealed Sentinel’s Ring

Video Run


Six Member Party


Welcome to the Cinderlands, the land of sand and nothing else… That may not be true… Welcome to Sentinel Ruins! This dungeon is required to be ran if you want to upgrade your jewelry up. Sentinel Ruins are located in the cliff face at the south side of the Sandstone Refuge run down into the ramp and you will come face to face with a portal, walk into the portal to start the dungeon. This Dungeon is a two part dungeon meaning that you are required to kill a mini boss before being able to move onto the next and final boss. Don’t worry they are not hard and it possible to solo at a low level should you have the DPS needed for it. This dungeon only has one path but the one path contains lots of mobs, along the path you will see some chambers with mobs inside, if you run and guild you will be able to fly over most of them while only  getting aggression from a few of them, keep that in mind! Keep running along the single path until you get to the fight mini boss.


  • Earthen Augerite
  • Keenedge Augerite
  • Grim Augerite
  • Splitrock Augerite
  • Darkstone Augerite
  • Eroded Augerite
  • Windworn Augerite
  • Volcanic Augerite
  • lodestone Augerite
  • Hulking Darkstone Augerite
  • Hulking Greenstone Augerite
  • Hulking Bloodstone Augerite
  • Hulking Bluestone Augerite
  • Relic Core

Now that you have gotten through the first part of the dungeon you will be face to face with the Hulking Darkstone Augerite, this is your first mini boss that you need to fight in order to use your windstride skill to reach the cliff behind him and to move onto the final boss.

Mini Boss Information

Name: Hulking Darkstone Augerite
Health: 38,985
Spawns Adds: Yes – Adds will be laying around the room that will attack you, depending on your level you may or may not need to kill them, the boss will also spawn in up to 4 Augerites

This boss does not drop a loot chest, but instead drops a sack with a few items in it that are not worth anything of value.

Part 2

Once you have killed the Hulking Augerite you can use the windstride vein to move onto the next part of the dungeon, the next part is almost identical to the part that you have just ran, however instead of heading face to face with a Hulking Augerite again you will come face to face with the Relic Core, the final boss.

Just like before you can skip all the mobs in the Chambers by gliding  over them.

Important Information!

In the picture above you will notice the Relic Core in the middle and around it are 3 glowing circles. In these circles the Relic Core will spawn in one at a time a Hulking Augerite that you must kill before you can continue on attacking the Relic Core.

Boss Information

Name: Relic Core
Health: 61,065
Spawns Adds: Yes – Up to 3x Hulking Augerites


  • Hulking Greenstone Augerite + 3 Smaller Augerite
  • Hulking Bloodstone Augerite + 3 Smaller Augerite
  • Hulking Bluestone Augerite +3 Smaller Augerite

Health: All Hulking Augerites that the core spawns will have 38,985 hit points
Spawn Adds: Yes up to 3 Smaller Augerites

This boss does drop a loot chest if you have the daily quest active and also have a loot letter that you can open under your active quests under the quest with the name of “The Core of the Problem”

Once you have looted your letter chest you are now able to level the dungeon.