Blade and Soul Pet Table

By | December 29, 2020

Pets are a big thing in Blade and Soul as they add many buffs to your character. At the moment at the time of writing there are 9 pets in Blade and Soul, the ghost, panda, grizzly cub, dragon, a cute little sheep, an infernal, a few different colors of penguins, and the new griffon and otter, at the moment the otter is not available in the NA/EU versions.

Pets in Blade and soul all start off with the same stat, yes you have read that right, stat, meaning you pet will will only have one stat, according to the NA version of the game, this point will be cross checked with other versions of the game in the coming week.

One important thing to note is that the appearance of your pet does not matter as they all have the same stats. (like said before this will be cross checked in the coming week)

Where To Get Pets?

Currently there are two places to get pets, the Hongmoon Store and as a drop from dungeons.

The dungeons that drop pets are as followed:

Sogun’s Lament – Drops Heroic Untamed Ghost and Griffin Pets
Sundered Nexus – Drops Normal Untamed (Blue) Penguin
Cold Storage – Drops  Normal (Blue) Pink Penguin
Heavens Mandate – Drops Normal (Blue) Black Penguin

Pet Stats and Duration

Pet Class
HP Bonus (HP)Defense Bonus (Defense)
Untamed Pet4,050
Level 15,150
Level 26,250
Level 37.350
Level 48,450
Level 59,550
Level 610,650510
Level 711,750610
Level 812,850710
Level 913,950810
Level 1015,050910

Once you have summoned a pet in Blade and Soul the pet only summoned for a allotted time, once this time has expired the pet will despawn. You can replenish your pets time by buying Petnip from the Hongmoon store.

Pet TypePet Summon Duration (Time in Hours)
Normal (Blue Pet)20 Hours
Heroic (Purple Pet)40 Hours

Once you have gotten a pet, in order to level the pet up from one level to the next you will require a Pet Enhancement Stone.