Blade and Soul NA/EU: Vengeance Breaks June 1


The final major update in terms of the Blade and Soul story is coming and it’s only 2 weeks away! With this update comes not only new dungeons and quests, but it also brings with it the end of the Siren to True Pirate weapon path, if you haven’t got your weapon to pirate yet then I suggest that you do so. This patch also releases the pet system for Blade and Soul, without further ado, let us continue.

Silverfrost Mountains Act 4 Part 2

Currently we only have part one of the Silvefrost Mountains, If you were to ask anyone here at Team Lan Lan we would tell you that it’s a bummer that the story ended at such a important moment.

In Part two, are you ready to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual or will you fall to the darkness in your quest for revenge?
it’s up to you to find out!

3 New Heroic Dungeons

These new dungeons are available for both 4 man party and 6 man party. With the new update these will be the hardest dungeons in the game, are you ready to take them on.

Dungeon names to be added

Tower of Infinity

Do you have what it takes to climb Mushin’s tower in the allotted amount of time? Try your hand at the Tower of Infinity if you have the skill to do so.

Pet System

Pets are coming to Blade and Soul! Currently on the Taiwanese server and other Asian servers you have the choice of picking from a mini Lycan, a mini demon lord, and some Jello bird who’s name escapes us at the time of writting…. But with the launch of Blade and Soul NA/EU NCsoft is introducing two new pets, a Griffin and a Otter each with it’s own perks.

We will have a Pet guide on our website in the coming days.

Hongmoon Level 15

Are you at the max hongmoon level already? Well good news for you, you have another set of hongmoon levels, upping the cap of hongmoon levels to 15!

We will be covering more of the patch from the Chinese version of Blade and Soul!

Stay tuned.