Blade and Soul NA/EU: Upcoming Updates!

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New updates are coming to Blade and Soul in the next few months. As everyone knows Blade and Soul NA/EU is behind all the other game servers, really behind. Taiwan is set to get the new continent with the new kung fu force master. But if NCsoft pulls the same updating schedule has they did with Taiwan, then we should get up to date fast. But without more comparing the two servers… lets jump into what the updates hold for us.

According to the view about upcoming updates that NCsoft released  today  the following list should be very spot on.

  • Spiral labyrinth
  • Grandpa (How we came to call the second pohwaran instance)
  • Sliver Frost Mountains
  • More Mushin updates.
  • Warlock Class
  • Continuation of the Main Quest line.

Lots of updates to be had. Don’t get left behind when it comes to the updates! will be bringing you more updates for all the Blade and soul servers as more information becomes available.

Here is the update video.